Good Reads (Kinda): Why Low Expectations are Good

Okay, so I am really just changing things around on you guys this week but whats the point of having your own website if you can’t do what you want to. 🙂

This week’s Good Read is actually a Good Watch. Unless live under a rock without wifi  and you’ve never been on YouTube, you are probably familiar with Jenna Marbles, I discovered her in college and have been a fan ever since.

In this video Why Low Expectations are Good Marbles explains why she believes low expectations are the key to a happier life.  This is so well put! I’ve realized in the last year that a huge source of my disappointment in people comes from them failing to meet my expectations. I consider myself a very caring person and when I love someone I go above and beyond for them, one of my biggest problems is expecting people to treat me the way I would treat them. I think we all do this to an extent, our behavior is based on our environment and what we perceived to be correct or normal so when someone doesn’t behave the way we would we are filled with disappointment and confusion.

I am trying to not expect certain things from people. You just have to let them behave how they will and if it turns out you don’t like the way they behave, then surround yourself with other people.

You have to watch the full video but its really good concept. While it isn’t easy it does make for less disappointment.

This doesn’t mean don’t try for things or have hopes, it means just focus more on the process than the expectations.

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