Good Reads: Tips for Practical, Easy-to-Implement Ways to Raise Productivity at Work

Photo From Pixabay
Photo From Pixabay

We are all apart of the too busy generation. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done and the To-Do list seems to never get shorter. I honestly feel like its not the endless list of tasks but our lack of organization and ability to prioritize. I came across an article on Sharp Heels , Tips for Practical, Easy-to-Implement Ways to Raise Productivity at Work by Star Hughes .
Hughes shares her top 3 ways to save time at the work place.
My favorite tip: Plan Ahead to Play Catch Up. I know first hand how things can pop up unexpectedly. I can schedule every hour of the work day perfectly and something will come up. My boss will need me to go take photos of a new property listing, I’ll get pulled into a meeting I knew nothing about, I’ll have to spend 40 minutes on hold with the internet company because our internet connection is down. A million things can turn your day off course so I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I try to block off an hour twice a week (2 hours per week) to focus on any uncompleted work. Find the best time of day when your likely to be uninterrupted.
For me I find the best times are early Monday mornings, my office is relatively empty until 11a.m. most Monday mornings so it’s the perfect time to finish up anything and prepare for our weekly staff meeting the same day.
Check out the full article here and share some of your tips for productivity below.

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