What Happens When You Work With A Client Manager

You may be wondering what exactly to expect when you work with a client manager or client specialist. You’ve worked with virtual assistants before, but the process is very different when you find someone to strictly support your clients.
If you’re on the fence about what happens when you sign up to work with a client manager here is an inside look at what to expect.

After You Sign Up

First, the getting to know you phase. Your business, your brand and the way you communicate with your clients and the internet. I will send you a questionnaire to get familiar with your plans and current status before we start working together.

Initial Meeting

After you send back the survey, you’ll be able to set up a time to schedule our first virtual meeting. During this meeting, you will bring your expectations and client/program schedule. I’ll bring my suggestions for systems and workflows. The purpose of this meeting is to connect and make sure both of us understand the expectations.


You will need to make sure your client manager has access to all of the important tools and programs. This can either be done using a password saver such as LastPass or by sharing a password list.

Client Templates

During this part of working together, I will develop templates for communicating with clients. Having determined your frequently asked questions and areas of concern that might come up with clients, I’ll create different models and streamline systems for responding to your client inquiries.

You Get The Final Say

After the templates are complete, you will get the chance to review them, make any changes and approve them. Once they are approved, they will be uploaded to your CRM and email templates.

Community Introduction

If Facebook group management is apart of your agreement, a post will be published introducing students/participants to your Client Manager. This is important, so they know your client manager is a resource for them.

Community Engagement

After the introduction is made your client specialist will start engaging with clients questions in the Facebook group and monitoring emails. Typical turn around time for email responses will be 24 hours Monday-Friday for client outreach.

Weekly Reports

Each week you will receive a client report, detailing statistics of inquiries. Highlighting any areas of concern and just keeping you up to date on the current communication with students.

Monthly Meetings 

Each month there will be an hour-long call between you and your client manager to determine any changes that need to be made in the current client workflow.

When you work with a client specialist, you are giving your clients the next level of care and attention. If you are ready to start delivering the best service to your clients, sign up here. I have three spots left for 2017.

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