Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me! Big Moments From This Year.

So this Saturday I will be celebrating my birthday 🙂 My plan is brunch with my girlfriends, dinner with my guy than a night out at my favorite watering hole till they shut us down!

It’s crazy how fast time goes by after a certain age (and how your metabolism seems to slow down after a certain age for that matter haha).

So to celebrate my birthday I want to take a look back on some of the biggest moments of the past year, some good some bad but all things I’ll remember from this year.

So in no particular order 10 huge moments from my 26th year.

First HelloGiggles Post

I remember when I started blogging this was one of my biggest. I submitted pitch after pitch of what I was sure was killer content but received rejection after rejection. Finally, it happened, I pitched the story of when I faked an engagement on Facebook and they wanted it!

First Elite Daily Post

When Elite Daily approached me about becoming a contributor I was super excited. I was less excited when I found out they don’t pay contributors. I told my contact I wasn’t interested in doing draft after draft when I wasn’t getting paid and my work might not even be published. She said she understood and that she could still add me to the contributor list and if anything caught my eye feel free to contribute. It wasn’t until I got the article request about Stacey Dash saying that Black History Month shouldn’t exist did I feel encouraged. I furiously typed for about half an hour read over it once and then submitted it. I think it was published the same day. This kind of felt like an accomplishment because I was just standing up for the way I felt. I wasn’t trying to get clicks or traffic I was just expressing myself.

First trip to NYC and BlogHer 15

This was literally life changing! No, I didn’t fall in love with New York but I did fall in love with myself a little more. This was my first time really taking a full vacation by myself and between the trip and the conference my life is officially changed can’t wait for BlogHer 16 next month!

The Loss of My Grandmother

This was probably the hardest loss I’ve ever had. I’ve experienced loss before but nothing had ever hit me the way my grandmother’s death did. I can’t put into words how much losing the woman who helped raise me changed me but I can say I am grateful for two things. I’m grateful I had her as long as I did and I’m grateful that although her death brought so much sadness to our family it really helped me and my sister get in a good place.

Moving out of that apartment complex

In 2014 my apartment got broken into. To say the least it was a really crappy time in my life. I felt violated and scared. I still haven’t totally gotten over it. But luckily in November when my lease was over I got to move out of that complex into a new place that I love. I lived by myself for nearly 4 years before moving where I am now and I literally feel like this is my first real adult apartment.

Got out of my comfort zone

So anyone who knows me knows I’m from the country but am by far an indoors air conditioning loving city girl at heart. This 4th of July I went to my friend’s river house in the middle of nowhere and with no reception. Barbecuing and swimming and it was amazing. I really want to go back. As a blogger I’ve been pretty plugged in  24/7 and it was nice to take a few pictures then put the phone away and enjoy the awesome company.

Leakey, Texas

First time doing a meetup

After college, I feel like no matter how your career takes off you kind of find yourself in this strange social limbo, especially if you’re like me where it seems like everyone else is moving to different cities for jobs or getting married and starting  a family. You can really fall into this dull pattern. Work, home, work, home and it can be strange because the first 20+ years of your life you had hobbies or group activities to keep you busy. At the moment I can’t tell you what really kick started my desire to get on meetup but man am I glad I did. I no longer go to the class because it was just too late to keep up with on a Monday but it was just fun to go or it.

Left a job I saw no future with but was super familiar

I was at my company for 3 years and had it made in the shade. My boss treated me like I was family. I had just landed myself a huge raise and time off was pretty lenient. It was great but there was no future for me I was the Director of Marketing at 26 and had nowhere to go. So I left my comfort zone and started applying for jobs. This wasn’t all shits and giggles. The company I went to I was very unhappy and by the 2nd month saw there was no opportunity for me there as well. That what I bought wasn’t what I was sold but after 5 months I’ve found a new job that I can see myself at for a very long time.

Launched my first e-course

So this was something I drug my feet on for some time. I finally got it together thanks to my friend Brittney at BrittneyLLynn.com. Thanks for the kick in the pants, Brittney. If you’d like to sign up for the course it is still open and did I mention free!

Watching my best friend get married

My Best Friend's Wedding

This was so insane to me. I’ve seen alot friends get married over the past few years but nothing was as surreal as watching my bestie Karen pledge her to another person. I was so proud to stand next to her on that day.

So my 26th year had a lot of twists and turns but it was amazing! I feel like I’ve really grown into someone I can be proud of.

Also big shout out to my mom and sister celebrating their birthdays July 10th!

So tell me:

Are you a big birthday person?

Any birthday traditions you do with your birthdays?

What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

Do you buy into zodiac signs?

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