Happy Holidays From All The Things I Do

So typically I post on Mondays and Thursdays and since today is Christmas Eve and as my mom likes to tell me, I “hardly ever come home,” I am trying to not work as much and enjoy this time with my family. I’m assuming a lot of my readers are enjoying their holidays as well.

Monday I shared part 1 of my 2 part series: How To Create Your Personal Annual Report & Set Your Yearly Goals. I received some awesome feedback and want to be sure everyone gets to view it so I will be waiting until next Monday to post Part 2.

This my family’s first Christmas since we lost my grandma in August, in fact Christmas will be 4 months to the day since she died. I miss her every day and I know my family all does. Almost every year my oldest sister and I would get so frustrated. We’d wake up super early and want to open our gifts but our mom made us wait till our grandma got there. It’s crazy to imagine her not here tomorrow. I know it will be a great day but it will also be a hard day. Like thanksgiving, I know it will be filled with sad moments, lots  of laughter and memories. Tons of stories about past holidays and the things my grandmother taught us all being shared.

In her honor  I thought I would just take a minute to share a little Christmas cheer and tell you about my some of my favorite holiday things.


Favorite Christmas Movies

Gif Frm Elf
Gif Frm Elf


Jingle All The Way

The Family Stone

Favorite Christmas Song

All I Want For Christmas is You

Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Favorite Tradition

Watching movies with my family after dinner. We don’t typically watch Christmas movies on Christmas, we watch older comedies or action movies. Anything from Rush Hour to The 5th Element are fair game.

Favorite Christmas Gift I’ve gotten

Gif From Giphy
Gif From Giphy

That’s a hard one. I’ve been blessed and gotten some amazing gifts the past 20+ Christmases. I guess my old car Scotty. I don’t have it anymore but my dad got it for me when I was 21 and the clunker I bought kept stopping in the middle of the road. It was used but I loved it.

Favorite Holiday Dish

I love my mom’s ham.

Favorite Holiday Dessert

My mom’s banana pudding. Minus the bananas. My sister hates bananas and I don’t like to eat them mixed with anything so she always makes us a separate one.



What are some of your holiday favorites? Please Share below.


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Happy Whatever Doesn’t Offend You!

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  1. Missy - Getting Fit to Find Myself

    I love the traditions of the holiday! We open presents on Christmas Eve and then Santa come on Christmas Day morning, after that we have omelettes and then just spend the day together! I love it all!

  2. Bianca

    How exciting! I love having movie nights with my family during the holidays after dinner, and we always play games too.. This year was definitely easier since my daughter is 2 and easier to entertain.

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