Tips for staying healthy as a soloprenuer

Healthy Inside and Out With Emily From Life In Spandex

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I chat with my friend Emily. Emily is the certified personal trainer behind the website, Life in Spandex. We talk about how she balances everything, her tips for being the healthiest version of yourself and so much more. This is an episode for all my strong #bossbabes!

In this episode:

  • How she balances a full-time job, her business and staying healthy.
  • We talk about getting healthy for the right reason.
  • Why she choose to be open about her heartbreak.
  • The lessons heartbreak taught her and how she applies them to her new relationship.
  • Why you need to identify your emotional triggers.
  • What she thinks everyone should start doing to take better care of themselves.

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[bctt tweet=”No matter where you’re at in your life you’re worth taking care of your body. ” username=”Life_in_Spandex”]

[bctt tweet=”The better that I take care of my body and my mind the better the rest of my life falls into place.” username=”Life_In_Spandex”]

[bctt tweet=”By being in tune with ourselves we can be better professionals, better moms, better partners, better sisters, better daughters.” username=”Life_In_Spandex”]

[bctt tweet=”You don’t want to restrict how you’re feeling but you want to understand it. ” username=”Life_In_Spandex”]

[bctt tweet=”Your story isn’t for everyone and that is okay.” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Emily the founder of Life in Spandex, describes her Sweat and Eat guides for a healthier and happier life. — @life_in_spandex” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”What will help you adhere to a lifestyle is abstract. You can’t put science on it. That is something you really have to find for yourself. – Emily” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Take away the all or nothing mentality when it comes to healthy eating. – @life_in_spandex ” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”How can you be the best version of you and have gratitude for that being the best version of you? – @Life_In_Spandex” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Taking care of our bodies doesn’t mean looking a certain way, it’s about feeling a certain way?” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”We don’t stop working out because we age. We age because we stop working out. @Life_In_Spandex shares one of her favorite quotes in episode 35.” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Whatever it is, it will be there tomorrow.” username=”Diadoll”]

More about Emily:

At Life in Spandex, I help young women find self-confidence in their bodies, careers, relationships, and minds through easy, healthy eating tips and recipes, quick, do-anywhere workouts, and my own life experiences as a fitness professional and a strong-minded, passionate, and sometimes totally spastic millennial woman.  From moms, professional women, college students, to dreamers, Life in Spandex Ladies are the ultimate #bossbabes. They manage to make time for self-care despite their crazy schedules because they realize how much easier and more fun life feels when they are their healthiest selves.


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Life in Spandex Sweat and Eat Guides

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Gaining Weight Is Cool

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