Hello October! A little gratitude to start the month

This morning I woke up with the overwhelming realization that it is October! Holy crap where did the year go? Soon we will be seeing storefronts with Christmas trees and fake snow playing jingle bells. (I mentioned in Sunday’s newsletter that I’d already been to 2 stores that had Christmas decorations on display.)

After an amazing July,  August was a really rough for me and I spent most of September trying recalibrate my life, get back to normal and figure out what I wanted. I got  a lot done and accomplished in September but still so many things on my to-do list. I’m preparing for my move next month and have been really working on eating better and taking better care of myself. I’ve been working (and writing) my butt off which has lead to some attention from some editors I admire. I have been spending time with my friends. Connecting with my family more. Trying new things and just living life.

I know Thanksgiving is normally the time where people give thanks but I figured why not do it today? Why not start October on a positive note and try to bring a little perspective and gratitude to the table?

6 Random things I’m grateful for:

Cooler weather (and boot season)
Photo From Pixabay

I live in Texas so I didn’t feel like saying “Fall Weather” was an accurate description because in Texas fall weather can still be in the high 80s. While some people may not consider that fall, to the southerners smoldering in 100+ degree heat all summer, 80 is literally a walk in the park. 75 degrees? I’m probably rocking a light cardigan when I’m not standing in direct sunlight. USA, LLC

I love Texas (like most Texans) but I hate the heat. There is this amazing thing that happens only in the Fall the weather is not too cold and not too hot and I’m not allergic to everything (unlike in the spring when I need a surgical mask anytime I go outside).

Bring on the cute fall layers.


I know I’m in my mid-twenties but I love Halloween!  We didn’t really celebrate in my household like most kids but I did get to enjoy the class Halloween parties and ABCFamily’s 13 Nights of Halloween along with Disney Channel’s original movies (Shout out to Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus).

Now as an adult it’s an excuse to dress up and be someone else for a night, watch all those old PG7 Halloween movies and eat candy.

Bonus: The candy is accompanied by beer once you’re an adult!

The ability to see and differentiate color
Photo From Pixabay

(I warned you this list might be random.) I read a post on My Pink Rambles,  Feeling like a Unicorn (a day in the life of a colour blind gal) by Joanna Malefaki, about being color blind and it really opened my eyes. I recommend you check it out.

When I think about someone being color blind I think they don’t notice the difference between different colors… which sucks but isn’t that big of a deal. But when I read Joanna’s post I realized it can be a big deal. She pointed out how often people and companies use color for categorizing and separating things. How magazines might use a colors to make things pop or more attractive to the eye but for a color blind person the thing meant to be aesthetically pleasing makes things challenging.

I realized just by looking around my desk how many things are color coordinated. That’s what type of person I am. I’m very visual and color organization works well for me. If I woke up tomorrow colorblind I’d have to find a new system for many things I do on a regular basis.

This is something we probably all take for granted so I wanted to take a minute and say how grateful I am to have color sight.

Fall TV

I’ll admit it, I watch too much television. In my defense I’m normally cooking, working on my blog, marketing the site, networking,  or doing some other household task when I’m watching TV. So many wonderful shows have come back on (Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Nashville, Empire, You’re the Worst… I could keep going), more are returning in the next week few weeks (Jane the Virgin, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story) and there are some new ones I’m excited about (Wicked City, Marvel’s Jessica Jones).

I always say Fall premiere season is the most wonderful time of the year! It feels like friends I haven’t seen in 4 months are back and we get to catch up.

College Football….. okay let’s be honest tailgating 

Game Day

I love game day! My college didn’t actually get a football team until my last year of college but even since graduating I go to most home games.

Any excuse to eat bar-b-que, drink beer and catch up with my friends from college is amazing!  

I’m a basketball fan but college football does the trick until the Spurs season starts back up.


This one may be a little premature because I won’t actually get the new keys to my apartment till November but I am excited and already preparing. I have so much to do; switch over my services, update my address, forward my mail, purge and pack! But it’s exciting knowing I’ll no longer be in the complex where so many bad things have happened. I’ll be starting a new chapter in a new place!


What are some of some random things you’re happy about?



  1. Aishwarya S

    Even I love boots! And fall tv, hell yes! I get so excited for Grey’s Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory! 🙂

  2. Camile

    I’m happy that it’s Friday! No seriously I love Halloween and am looking forward to dressing my boys in their costumes. I am happy that I started sewing in May and that I’m actually enjoying it. On another note I wish it were 80 degrees here in Chicago because I’ve had to wear a coat every day this week!

  3. Joanna

    Thanks so much for sharing my story xxx Great post btw!

  4. Dia

    Of course! I really enjoyed your piece and it stuck with me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Dia

    Awe. I love Chicago! I haven’t been since last September. I always plan my visits between April and September to avoid the cold.
    I’m happy it’s Friday too! No shame in that! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  6. Kathryn @GoingZeroWaste

    Yes! I live in California now, but I’m from San Antonio. When it hits 75 degrees in October it’s time to break out hats and scarves!

  7. Dia

    I live in SA! You are so right! I was in San Diego last Spring it was in the late 80s but felt so nice because of the ocean breeze!

  8. Katie

    This is a great list… but I especially love fall TV!! There are so many good new shows this season; my Hulu queue is getting very full!!

  9. Brittany @ DIY Just Cuz

    Fall is my FAVORITE month so I’m so on board with this it’s not even funny. I also am so color coordinated that I would hate being colorblind. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Arielle

    How exciting, I’m moving at the beginning of November too! I’m so excited, I can hardly wait!!

  11. Ericka S. Williams

    I live in Texas so I didn’t feel like saying “Fall Weather” was an accurate description because in Texas fall weather can still be in the high 80s. so true in ATX and know how you feel. I am from the carolinas and enjoy visiting home every year to soak up all the leaves and sweater weather I can. Thanks for sharing

  12. Maureen

    Your list is great! Thanks for reminding me Jane the Virgin will be back on. That show cracks me up! We have a lot of the same favorite shows… I LOVE Scandal the most!!! (especially Jake 🙂

  13. Dia

    Ah the great Jake Fitz debate… I love Jake but she doesn’t love him like she does Fitz. I say she can have Fitz and I’ll take Jake lol

  14. Dia

    Well hello neighbor lol I was going to head to Austin this past weekend just for a getaway and to see some friends then remember it was ACL lol

  15. Dia

    Good luck on your move 🙂

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