Hot Show Alert: Unreal

Photo From Lifetime Photo Credits: Joseph Viles
Photo From Lifetime
Photo Credits: Joseph Viles

Monday night Lifetime finally premiered it’s long awaited show, Unreal, a fictional look behind scenes drama of a reality dating show titled Everlasting.
Within the first 3 minutes I fell in love with Constance Zimmer’s (Entourage, House of Cards) character, Quinn. The character may be an unapologetic hard ass but she is without a doubt refreshingly honest.
Then appears Rachel, portrayed by Shiri Appleby (Life Unexpected , Girls), the former feminist and women’s studies major, now master manipulator of the contestants. The first episode takes place during the first night where the contestants of Everlasting meet their potential prince charming, Adam.
Prince Charming, as I have dubbed him, is brought to life by British actor Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter Series).
I’ll be honest I’ve probably only seen 10 minutes of The Bachelor or Bachelorette in my life but I imagine that this is exactly how they create the dramatic moments that keep viewers crawling back for more, season after season. If this is any indication of how things happen I’m glad I don’t watch it. Besides the fabricated drama for the Everlasting viewers, there is a lot of drama on set!

Episode Highlights

  • When Quinn reacts to the fact the first women to meet the bachelor, or as she prefers to him the’ show pony’, being black and says to her crew, “It’s not my fault America is racist.”
  • Arielle Kebbel ( The Vampire Diaries) and the other contestants popping a squat outside of the limo.
  • The end where it is revealed why Rachel’s character refers to herself as crazy and why she is in therapy… which I won’t spoil.

What makes the show so well done is seeing the internal struggle of these women doing all they can to make good television at the expense of their own morals and the emotional torment and torture of others.
I can’t wait for the next episode.
Are you watching Unreal? Let me know what you think below.

Updated: Lifetime has announced in July 2015 Unreal will be back for a second season! 07.14.15


  1. The Kiss of Joy

    I love Unreal!! Ahh this show is insane!! I can’t believe Mary killed herself on last weeks episode! But I love how this show gives us a peek inside of these dating shows. I never watched the Bachelor but you can clearly tell that Lifetime is hinting at a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on on shows like that.

  2. Dia

    It’s so amazing! It is what I imagine those shows are really like. The Mary thing was sad. I also can’t help but have bit of inner dialogue about the show, you have these beautiful women who can’t find love in the real world so they sign up for this show which is basically like psychological warfare but then again as you feel sorry for them you remember they signed up for it. Shiri Appleby is amazing in this role, I love how she always look dirty haha

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