Hot Show Alert: Young and Hungry has audiences coming back for seconds

Photo Property of ABCFamily
Photo Property of ABCFamily

Young and Hungry stars Emily Osmet (Hannah Montana), as Gabi a early twenty something aspiring chef. Sharing a one bedroom with her best friends, Sofia (Aimee Carrero, The Americans) in California. Gabi is on the job hunt when she lands a job working for a young tech star, Josh, (Jonathan Sadowski, She’s The Man, American Dreams) as his personal chef. Also on his payroll Yolanda (Kym Whitley, Sparks, Deliver Us From Eva), his sassy housekeeper and Elliot (Rex Lee, Entourage) his flamboyant publicist.


Here are 5 reasons why young and hungry is the perfect modern comedy.


Will they or won’t they

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You have to love a good “will they or won’t they” dynamic and we get that from the first episode.

Things take an interesting turn on Gabi’s first day when she is tasked with preparing a trial dinner for Josh and his girlfriend Caroline, who he plans to propose to. Before dinner is even served Josh announces that Caroline has dumped him. One thing leads to another and in an effort to cheer him up mixed with too much champagne they find themselves in bed together.

Even when the characters are both in different relationships the sexual tension is there and you can’t help but get wrapped up in their potential love story.


It’s hella diverse cast

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Excuse me Pocahontas but they truly paint with all the colors of the wind. I hate to say it but more networks should follow ABC’s family’s lead in diversity. They openly mock and celebrate all types. From Elliot’s endering man crush on Josh to Sofia pulling out her chica impression as “Lil So-so” nothing is off limits.

You must be this tall to watch this show

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I’ve referred this show to all my friends, guys and girls. Everyone of them loves it! It may be on ABC Family but I would definitely put this in the young adult category with it’s theme. Real topics and conversations I have with my friends as a 20-something (minus knowing a 30 year old millionaire). Degrassi isn’t the only show that goes there.


Amazing guest stars causing extreme nostalgia

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Gif From Giphy

Want to see Sharpay fro Hairspray as a tattooed lesbian? Got it! Want to see Jesse McCartney as a nerdy adult hacker? Got it.

Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical, Clipped) not only executive produces the show but occasionally guest stars.

McCartney guest stars as Gabi’s sweet tech boyfriend and often Josh’ rival, Cooper. Be steal my beautiful soul.

Emily Osment’s smooth transition into adulthood on screen

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Gif From Giphy

So often when child stars start becoming adults they go a little overboard to show they are adults (cough cough …Miley Cyrus) but Osment does it so effortlessly you almost forget her long run as sidekick Lily on Hannah Montana, when watching Young and Hungry. The way she commands the screen with her comedic timing she has earned leading lady status.



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I’m happy that I’ve never had to share a one bedroom apartment but I am all too familiar with having to get creative with money, being afraid my ghetto car would stop in the middle of the street (which happened on several occasions), sharing cheap wine with my roommate and getting embarrassingly excited about being able to take leftovers from an event.

I love the how because it reflects how it really is just trying to make your dreams happen, while trying to find love and figure out who you are.


If you haven’t checked it out yet the first season and first part of season two are currently streaming on Netflix. Part 2 of season two premieres tonight on ABCFamily.


  1. The Kiss of Joy

    Omg I think I need to come to Texas for a week for a TV show marathon with you! We literally watch all the same shows lol! Tonight’s episode was so amazing!! So happy it got renewed for a new season

  2. Dia

    Truly we are t.v twins lol
    It was so cute! I just wish they’d be get it together!

  3. Meghan

    I haven’t heard of this show, but I’m pretty hooked on the shows I already watch. It seems cute!

  4. candy

    Will have to be sure and remember to check this out. Looks like it would be good.

  5. Angela Tolsma

    I haven’t heard of this show. Will totally look for it!!

  6. Jenny

    Sounds like an interesting show.

  7. Roxy

    This show sounds super cute! I’m an addict to good tv shows, especially ones I can binge watch on Hulu or Netflix. I just may have to add it to the rotation!

  8. Dia

    It’s on Netflix check it out!

  9. Dia

    It’s hilarious!

  10. Dia

    You can catch the first 2 seasons on Netflix

  11. Dia

    It’s hilarious!

  12. Dia

    It’s only half an hour great show when you have a few minutes and jut want to laugh.

  13. Kusum

    Yay, you just saved my biggest dilemma at the moment, haha! Netflix marathons mean that we are out of shows to watch, awesome this show is on Netflix. Adding to my list, Sunday night show is on 😉
    xx, Kusum |

  14. Dia

    I hope you enjoy it!

  15. Angie Scheie

    It’s crazy, I haven’t even heard of this show before! It looks like it had the makings of a super entertaining sitcom though!

  16. Dia

    I love it! She did a great job of transitioning to adulthood with this role.

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