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On the tail end of the announcement of their season 2 renewal by TVLand, I had to take a moment and declare my love for Younger.
When I first heard about the show over a year ago I couldn’t wait. As a 90’s kid I was a hardcore Lizzie McGuire fan and couldn’t wait to have Hilary Duff be a regular part of my life again. (There is something so comforting about the celebrities you grew up with coming back in roles you relate to).
As a huge Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls, Bunheads) fan I fell in love with the fast talking Sutton Foster on ABCFamily’s short lived Bunheads (Still not over it 🙁 ).
Younger is based on the novel of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran. Directed by modern-day legend Darren Starr (Sex and the City), Younger is the story of 40-year-old Liza (Foster) who, after being a wife and mother most of her adult life, finds herself single and with an empty nest. Liza soon discovers the working world isn’t very welcoming to a 40-year-old who has a 20 year gap on her resume. Her best friend, Maggie, portrayed by Entourage’s Debi Mazar, convinces Liza she can pass for 26 and should do so to get a job.
After a few internet searches, some new highlights and a few date changes on her resume, Liza lands a job at a publishing firm. She becomes automatic friends with Duff’s character, Kelsey, a driven girl with bad taste in men but great taste in books.
Liza lives her double life in a way that makes you laugh and relate no matter which of Liza’s ages you are closer to.
Watching Liza try to maneuver things like twitter, dating a 20-something guy in the tinder age and drinking tequila shots during the work week is hilarious.
If you haven’t already, start watching!
Right now you can catch episodes on the TVLand Website and Hulu.

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