How Bloggers Can Save Time On SEO & Keywords

How Bloggers Can Save Time On SEO & Keywords

I am very fortunate that my day job and personal business and blog have some serious overlap. Things I learn as a blogger and strategist can help me in my day job and vice versa. I am constantly submerged in branding, SEO and copywriting which is amazing!
I know not everyone is as fortunate as I am. I know some of you go to jobs that feel more like a paycheck than a career in fields that you just fell into and have no passion for.
If you are a blogger chances are you started your blog for passion or purpose. You had a passion you wanted to feed or you had a purpose you wanted to share with the world. One recent thing I’ve been learning is how important SEO and keywords are.
Platforms like WordPress have made it easier really to optimize your posts using keywords and SEO tactics.
Keywords tell Google what your post is about and help get it in front of the people looking for what you are writing about.

How to Discover What Keyword to Use

This might seem cut and dry but it really isn’t. Say you want to write a blog post about the best way to lose weight after you have a baby. You may automatically assume that, “Post- baby workouts” is the way to go but what if it’s not? How can you be sure?

4 Ways to Research Your Keywords

Google Keyword Planner
You will need to have a Google AdWords account (it’s free). This tooL is normally used for planning Google Adwords campaign but is a great source for keyword research.
Hop into Google’s Keyword planner and search the term you have come up with.
Google Keyword Planner
You can fill in the rest of the information but it’s not necessary and might be difficult since you don’t want to make the post live before you do this.
On the next page, you will see what searches are popular in relation to this term. Then you can pick one with a high search volume to use as your keyword.

Google Keyword Planner
I also recommend making a note of different popular keywords with a high search volume and try to actually use them in the posts content.
Don’t be spammy, “I lost 20 pounds with this post-baby workout, some of the best exercises after baby are very similar to this workout that I recommended after giving birth.” Is that how people talk? No, and Google will recognize it and possibly punish you for it.
Searching Google Like a Reader.
Go to google and start typing your proposed keyword. Google’s predictive text will start population what is commonly searched.

Google SearchYou could also search in the form of a question, to see what people are searching for specifically because we all talk to Google like it’s our mom, “How do I lose weight now that I’ve had the baby, Mom Google?

This also helps us realize what terms to avoid that could be sending the wrong people to your post.

Google Search

BuzzSumo is one of my favorite places to do keyword research because it doesn’t just tell you what people are looking for but what other posts are out there on your topic.
This is a paid service if you want to see all the search results but you can still see a decent amount of them without an account.BuzzSumoBuzzSumo

Grab My SEO and Keyword Worksheet to make sure all your blog posts are optimized! 

Google Trends
Google Trends is exactly what it sounds like. It lets you know what people are searching for.
It shows you how popular the keyword has been over time, what regions it’s popular and related queries (or search terms) it also lets you compare it against keywords you may have been considering.

Popularity Over Time
Google Trends Popular RegionsGoogle Trends Related QueriesGoogle Trends Comparison of Search TermsGoogle Trends

Places to make sure you are using your keywords:

  • In the copy
  • In the meta description
  • In the headline
  • In the tags
  • In social media posts

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I know often when I come up with a post idea words just flow out and I make a quick note in a Google Doc and come back to it later. Doing keyword research, outlining your post and creating your SEO information is a great way to make sure what you are writing is truly optimized for SEO and will be seen.
I’m sharing my own personal SEO formatting pre-writing worksheet to make sure your content is on point. Get it here!
SEO doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or be overly complicated. A little preparation and organization can be great for building your website and getting it found.
Also if you haven’t signed up to attend my live webinar with Angela Ford, Cut the Crap, this Tuesday at 7:30 pm CST you can do so here!

How do you prep your posts for SEO and keywords? Tell me in the comments.


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    SEO is not my strong suit, but it’s so important for success in blogging. I try to spend a fair amount of time on Google Keyword Planner before finishing a post. Buzzsumo sounds like it could be VERY helpful!

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  35. Mama Munchkin

    These are great tips. I just purchased keywordsearch which is also a helpful tool. But, of course free is always a little bit nicer 😉

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    No a stupid question at all. You can put your credit card in and as long as you don’t create ads you won’t have to worry about being charged. Hope this helps!

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