Mridu Parikh

How To Beat The “Over” Syndrome

(Overwhelmed, Overstretched, and Over It!)

Mridu Parikh, Founder of Life Is Organized, is a keynote speaker, productivity coach, and best-selling author of Accomplish It: 7 Simple Actions To Get The Right Things Done And Achieve Your Goals. Named one of Nashville’s Emerging Business Leaders, Mridu helps women with demanding careers and an over-achieving mindset, feel balanced, in control, and successful. 

Mridu’s strategies on streamlining tasks and mastering habits have been featured in The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Real Simple, and many other media outlets, in addition to her own ROKU channel. Her global Life In Control program teaches four universal steps to ditch the stress and create space for what matters most. 

A mom of two and wife of one, Mridu enjoys all things milk chocolate and red wine.

In this episode: 

  • How she became a professional organizer.
  • Her shift from a leaning to learning business model. 
  • How she approaches the topic of boundaries with her clients and the problem with constantly saying yes.
  • Why you have to retrain yourself and others about your boundaries. 
  • How we overthink boundaries and stop ourselves from enforcing them. 
  • How to lower client expectations so you can exceed them while giving yourself grace.
  • The real reason you might be accomplishing things or why you feel unsatisfied when you do. 
  • The importance of clarity and intention.
  • Why you need to give yourself grace and check-in. 
  • Why vulnerability is so useful and how to use it as a leader.  

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