How to drink without breaking the bank


I am currently on a personal mission to build myself a strong financial cushion and get out of debt so I may live the life I was meant to (fabulous, fierce and financially secure… so basically Beyonce… I was meant to live life like Beyonce). I am a huge social butterfly and have been, perhaps, called a lush on occasion by a few friends (in a loving way… I’m sure).
But going out for drinks can add up, especially if you drink quickly like I do. Here are the best tips for enjoying the bar without killing your bank account.

Try what’s on special
Most bars have nightly specials or happy hour. Try to arrange your social time when the savings are the best. If you always drink the same thing and it’s not on special try something new. Worst case scenario; you don’t like it and switch back to what you normally drink for the next one. Best case scenario you find a new drink you really enjoy and save some money.

Alternate between water and alcohol

This is beneficial to your health and wallet! We all know that alternating alcoholic drinks with water can help prevent hangovers but it can also prevent overspending. If you alternate your beverages with water you are splitting your tab in half.

Sip Shots

Gif from Giphy
Gif from Giphy

I’m at the age where I am not a huge shot taker anymore, but sometimes it happens. While you may feel like a bad ass slamming down a shot like everyone else, chances are in the morning between your bank account statement and your hangover you will probably just feel bad or like an ass.

Don’t buy other peoples drinks

It’s really easy to get caught up in the camaraderie of going out drinking and taking turns buying rounds, but this is actually one of the sneakiest ways you end up spending more at the bar. Just because you’re ordering what’s on special doesn’t mean you’re buddy is. If you’re drinking $2 wells and your friend is drinking a $5.00 beer you may want to reconsider the “round for round” trade. It might be awkward, but let your friend know that you are trying to save money so you won’t be drinking as much. This will put it in their mind that you probably won’t be taking turns buying drinks. If you don’t feel comfortable saying that, when they offer to buy your first drink politely decline or ask them to grab you a water. This way you won’t feel obligated to reciprocate the offer later on.

Split a taxi or use a ride-share program with rewards.

Splitting a ride can be tricky depending on the city you live in and the distance between your homes, but whenever possible split a ride. Not only is splitting an Uber (If your city allows them) cheaper than getting one alone, it’s also cheaper than a DWI.

Make it a house party

Gif from Giphy
Gif from Giphy

Some of you may have cringed and had a flashback to a younger version of yourself with thoughts of kegs and throw up, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve discovered that as long as I’m with good friends a beer tastes the same at home as it does at a crowded, expensive bar. Instead of always meeting up for happy hour ask your girlfriend if they would rather come over and have a wine night. Because of their short shelf life when opened, bars and restaurants typically mark wine prices up 200-300%. Additional bonuses: you won’t have to fight your way through a crowd for a drink or wait in long bathroom lines!

These are simple ways to save money and still have a night out.

Do it for love,


Edited by M.L. Scarbrough
What are some ways you save when going out?


  1. Ellen

    Hello 🙂

    Good tips, I need to listen to the alternating between water and alcohol tip! Not only for the saving money but mostly for not getting too drunk and hangover haha!

    I don’t know what tips I have for saving money when drinking…I work in a bar so I am usually on the other side of the bar but that is not always so much fun haha What drinks have you found when you have bought them on special? I am always looking for new drinks to try 🙂

  2. Dia

    It does help with the hangover. I typically order vodka water but even alternating those with water I can tell a difference to the next day.
    I’ve not into very sweet drinks but thanks to Rum being on specialI learned I don’t hate pineapple rum and soda. Also I get judged for this but I think its amazing, Tequila and diet coke with lime. I have strange taste buds. 🙂

  3. Missy - Getting Fit to Find Myself

    I am not much of a drinker any more but I really could have used these tips in my mid-twenties! I think back to those days and wonder how much money I spent going out. Now I have a drink and I am well past my limit! ;o)

  4. Dia

    Haha thats funny! Yeah I don’t think I’d want to look at the amount of money I’ve spent drinking the past few years. Thats why now I’m always like “where is the happy hour pricing” and “can I get a glass of water.” I almost never get drinks with my meals anymore because they are sooo marked up!

  5. Alison

    I hate when I forget the water in between. Great tips

  6. Chantal

    Lol! This is awesome. I’m not a big drinker but one of the things that keeps me from going out is how much drinks cost.


    Ok, this wins the week’s prize for the most unique post. I swear I thought there were no new topics, but I was wrong!

  8. Dia

    Hahah I just figure that the bar industry is huge and it’s a very important social aspect for certain demographics so if they want to partake they shouldn’t have to go bankrupt to do so.

  9. Clo Nevaeh

    This is such a fun and enlightening post! I love your ideas. It’s always so expensive to go out and have a drink with a friend. I’m not a beer lover, so I tend to lean toward to more expensive drinks.

  10. Dia

    It can be super expensive going out to drink. Especially when you compare the price of buying a it from the store and taking it home to buying it at a bar or restaurant. Yesterday I bought a mid-range bottle of tequila for my Christmas Party next week for about $15 bucks you’d pay that for about 4 drinks at some bars.

  11. Cori

    I like the alternating water and alcohol. Staying hydrated is really important when you go out and plan on drinking a lot.

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