How to land that job, promotion or whatever tickles your fancy

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.

-Harry F. Banks

When you were growing up someone may have told you, that you could do anything if you believed in yourself, well that is true. Confidence is where success starts and often half the battle.

Imagine you’ve been tasked with interviewing and selecting a new intern between two possible candidates.

The first walks in hunched over, hardly making eye contact and has a weak handshake. He mumbles a lot when he answers your questions. When you ask questions his responses often start with, “Umm,” or “Well…”? Many of his statements end with an upward inflection like he’s asking for approval with every sentence.  He may have the correct answer but he just don’t seem very sure of himself.

Then the second person walks in, she firmly shakes your hand while looking into your eyes and has her chest out and shoulders back. She makes solid statements about what she would do in the position. She speaks about the prospect of your business together using terms like, “When I become a part of this team,” instead of “If I  become a part of this .” If you ask a question she doesn’t have the answer to she doesn’t get frazzled instead says something like, “I’m not familiar with that program, but I am always interested in learning new skills .”

Which of these people are you more likely to their based on their personality alone? Probably the more confident one.

The best way to be confident is to know what you’re talking about. If you work to understand the ins and outs of your product and your business you will inevitably be more confident when speaking about it.

Confidence doesn’t mean you know everything, it means you are comfortable enough to admit it and take whatever actions you need to learn more.

Confidence is contagious. If you are confident in your ability then other people will be too.


  1. candy

    Always do your homework before an interview or whatever is going on, that brings confidents. Dia this was a great post.

  2. Jenny

    Confidence in a job interview is so important!

  3. Cori

    Nice article. Having had a job interview recently, these were definitely on point.

  4. Dia

    Right if you know what you’re talking about you will be a lot more comfortable and confident than if you don’t and it will show.

  5. Dia

    No one wants to put the success of their company in someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. You don’t have to be a perfect person but showing your belief in your current abilities as well as your desires and confidence to learning more that will help.

  6. Dia

    I landed a new position recently and I honestly feel like this is a huge contributor.

  7. Paola

    I think confidence is not just to land the job but also friendships and relationships!

  8. Carol

    Great advice. It’s always best to prepare for an interview and do your best to appear confident. thanks!

  9. Angie Scheie

    Fake it till you make it baby!!! Great post; I struggle with saying “when” not “if”. I’ll remember this now though.

  10. DANI CC

    confidence is key! No one really knows what they are doing, but staying confident and positive are keys to success in my opinion .

  11. Dia

    Right follow you heart and stand by your choices and actions.

  12. Dia

    Thanks Jennifer 🙂

  13. Dia

    Thanks Carol.

  14. Dia

    Thank you Angie.

  15. Dia

    Haha right we are all just adjusting as it changes.

  16. Becki S

    Great reminder and I love that you used a male pronoun for the shy intern and the female pronoun for the confident fabulous one =)

  17. Dia

    Haha I think it’s so great you picked up on that!

  18. Kusum

    This is so on point, confidence is everything. It makes a world of difference to be confident and genuine about our responses, no harm is saying ‘I do not know’ as long as one is willing to learn and contribute, so true!
    xx, Kusum |

  19. Dia

    Right no one expects you to know it all but they should be able too expect honesty.

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