How to stop skipping the gym, if you love wine. (Challenge)

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Why is it so easy to skip the gym but not that glass of wine?

First let me say I do not have the answer to this question. I wish I had some profound answer other than, “the only way I wear myself out when drinking is if I face a difficult corkscrew”. Very recently I found myself on the receiving end of crippling respiratory tract and sinus infections. The constant feeling that my head was a magic 8 ball, full of green fluid, coughing up things I’d rather not recall, concluded in 2 changes in activity; no drinking and no working out. Two of my favorite pastimes!
The funny thing about each of these is they can both be off putting in very different ways. For me, forcing myself to go into the left turn lane that leads to my gym instead of going straight after work is the hardest part. Once I’ve exchanged my blazer and bra for a t-shirt and sports bra I am in the zone and glad I went. This happiness increases when I get home sweaty and feeling accomplished.
With wine (or any alcohol for that matter) it’s the exact opposite. Sometimes I spend a good half of my day thinking about a bubble bath and a big glass of wine. It isn’t until 2am when I can’t sleep because the one glass turned into 3 that I regret the decision.
I’ve been officially off my antibiotics for a week today. I’ve had wine 3 nights since then and been to the gym a whopping 0 times. So why do I do this to myself if I know one habit results in positive feelings and the other ultimately results in negative reactions?
Why do we do the things we do?
Why do I go to the gym? To support my health, weight maintenance, gain strength and release stress.
Why do I drink? To relax, socialize, and because I enjoy the taste and antioxidants (Let me have that one. Tons of studies have confirmed wine in moderation can have amazing effects on your health).
My theory is this, because drinking isn’t an inconvenient act, it is a lot easier to pour then to lace up. When it comes to working out sometimes it is always easier to (ignore Nike and) just don’t do it. As a bit of a control freak I need certain boxes checked in order to get my workout going. My phone has to be charged because I cannot stand to listen to gym versions of songs that should not be remixed (Evanescence mixed with a dubstep beat is still Evanescence and therefore not workout music). I have to have a private water source, I am not about that water foundation life. I have to have the right sports bra(s) for the activity I’m doing that day (I’m a D cup there is no way I am making it out of cardio day wearing less than 2 sports bras, without a black eye). If one of these things is off, I don’t fully get into my workout and many times avoid it all together.
But here is the Challenge; for the next month make yourself a promise, you are only allowed to drink alcohol on days you’ve performed 30 minutes of exercise or more. Simple, right? It really is. You will notice 1 of 2 things if you do this with the intention of improving your health; you’ll either drink less or hit the gym more, which if we are being honest are both good things.

Tips for being successful with this challenge:
• Don’t use this as an excuse to overdo it. 30 minutes on the elliptical doesn’t give you the right to up your 2 glasses of wine a night to 4.
• Set yourself up to work out. Keep a bag of extra workout “must haves” handy. I keep an extra pair of socks and headphones in my trunk at all time. I also keep an emergency shower bag in my trunk with a fresh pair of panties, a towel, body wash, shower shoes and deodorant in case I get an after work invite, I can save time by showering at the gym or move my workout to lunch.
• After your next workout write down 3 positive things about it, when you are having trouble feeling motivated look at the list for inspiration.
• When you don’t feel like working out take this quiz:

should i work out


Do it for love,


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  1. Karen

    I needed this. This make so much sense…. It’s rewarding yourself for doing good for yourself!

  2. Dia

    I lot of times I won’t want to drink afterwards because I don’t want to waste the work I did at the gym.

  3. Tiffany Cardenas

    This is great! It makes perfect sense. I definitely know the struggle, and I enjoy wine often. The perfect motivation.

  4. Dia

    Haha I think it’s a good rule.

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