I came, I saw, I Zip Lined


When my sister, Alicia, suggested we go Zip lining during our trip to Vegas my initial response was, “Hell no! I’m allergic to heights!” Followed by googling “how many people die per year Zip Lining?”

The more I thought about it, the more I talked myself into it. “How many chances will you get to do something like this?”… “If it was super dangerous it wouldn’t be so popular.”… “It would be great to write about.”

So I called Alicia, “Okay, let’s go zip lining.”

In the heart of Old Vegas is SlotZilla, a 12-story slot machine equipped with a zip line. There are two options for riders: the least expensive 77 ft. high zip line for $20, or the more expensive ride at 114ft. (roughly 10 stories according to their website) at $40 a ride.

Our second day in Vegas, I hopped in a taxi to downtown Freemont street to face my Godzilla, Slotzilla.

I walked into the store and purchased a bracelet to ride. Then I made the climb (yes climb… anything more than 3 stories is a climb) to the top of the starting ramp. I try to work out on a regular basis but I have to be honest, I was all but panting after the mini hike to the top.

The staff had me step into straps and helped get me all ready to go.

“Are you ready?”

I hesitantly nodded ‘yes’.














I stepped down from the platform and started to sail through the air. SNAP! One of the lines popped.

“Holy shit!”

The remaining line rattled as I continued to zip through the air and felt like I was sliding faster and faster.

“Ma’am, calm down,” one of the workers yelled.

My life began to flash before my eyes as I waited for the second line to snap.

Every prayer I learned in church came to my mind.

“Please don’t let me die! Oh God, please.”

Then it happened right as I was about to reach the end platform…. SNAP!

…“Ma’am, are you ready?” the coordinator asked me a second time.

I took a deep breath and tried to shake the horrible image that just went through my mind.


I stepped off the platform as he instructed.

zip 2

It was amazing! I never felt that feeling before. It’s difficult to express. I thought I would be shitting my pants, but I felt so free with the wind on my face, gliding through the air looking at everything going by beneath me. It was the most freeing experience I’ve ever had. It felt like an orgasm for my soul. With the sun shining on my face, I felt like a bald eagle: rare, powerful and free.

As I reached the end and allowed myself to swoop onto the ending platform, I was sad it was over. It was ironic, the entire walk up I just wanted it to be over… and now that it was, I wanted more!

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it.  I plan to go again, only next time from a higher point (because now I feel like a badass).

Zip lining in Vegas

The whole experience reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

Quotes by -Nelson Mandela

Face your fears!

Do it for love,

Have you ever done something that terrified you? How did it turn out?

To learn more about Slotzilla:


Edited by M.L. Scarbrough


  1. Mia Stachura

    Ahhh I’ve done it a few times in very small doses, and I reeeaaalllyyy want to go again! There’s a ziplining tour in Austin that I would love to try but haven’t looked into! I guess I’ll do that now!

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  3. Abby

    Oh my gosh, how fun! I didn’t even know Vegas had zip lining. You are hilarious! Way to face your fears!

    Abby // thefabblog.com

  4. Dia

    Awe thanks Abby! I’m really glad I did it was so much fun!

  5. Aishwarya S

    Oh my God! This seems so adventurous. After reading about your experience even I want to do it now! One thing crossed off the bucket list. 🙂

  6. Cymone | The Block is Haute

    Missed out on this last time I went to Vegas but definitely want to do it. Way to be adventurous!

    xo, c.
    The Block is Haute

  7. Angie Scheie

    I loved how you told this story! Haha. Zip lining is fun but I get freaked out every time I have to leave the platform. Worst part!

  8. Lezley

    Wow, that looks like so much fun. When I went to Vegas I saw the people doing this, but I was too afraid do it alone, no one else would do it with me.

  9. Liz Mays

    I love ziplining! It’s so exhilarating and part of it is because you really do have to chase down your fears!

  10. Dia

    I never would have thought I’d do this but I loved it!

  11. Dia

    I want to go again!

  12. Dia

    Do it alone lol then they can take pictures for you!

  13. Dia

    As soon as you get going it’s amazing lol

  14. The Southern Stylista

    I’ve never been zip-lining, but it looks like a blast. I’m super scared of heights, but maybe if you can do it-I could do it too!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  15. Kusum

    Zip lining is addictive! Good that you let go of your fears and enjoyed the experience. I went zip lining in Puerto Rico’s rainforest and loved it 🙂
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  16. Dia

    I totally recommend trying it!

  17. Dia

    Oh man I bet that was awesome. I want to go again.

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