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Identify Your Internal Cheerleader with Olivia Pener

Back in Episode 17, I chatted with my friend and mastermind buddy Olivia Pener about mindset blocks in online business. As always when Olivia and I chat we have a lot to discuss and I always walk away feeling like I’ve gotten so much value. When we recorded the episode we ended up chatting for almost 3 hours!  Today I am super excited to share part 2 of that episode with you. Before we jump into the next episode here is a refresher of part one:

Noisy Passenger– Your noisy passengers are the passengers in your mind that go with you and often are the loudest. They tend to be the thoughts that leave you stuck in place and doubting your abilities. Thoughts like, “People are going to hate this blog post,” or “Who am I to start a business?”

ACT Training– ACT is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This training teaches acceptance and mindfulness strategies to increase psychological flexibility.

In this episode

  • Identifying your drowned out passengers (inspiring and uplifting voices).
  • Why you shouldn’t minimize compliments
  • Why you don’t need to stay in your head or focused on fun or frustrating feelings so much that you don’t take action.
  • The two professionals she recommends all online business owners talk to.
  • How she makes her newsletter extra valuable.

Check out the episode here:

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Episode 25: How to identify your internal cheerleader with @OliviaPener 'Those things that you wish were there have been there the whole time. ' Click To Tweet 'Don’t minimize complements. Say thank you and embrace them.' Learn how to identify your internal cheerleader with Olivia Pener. Click To Tweet Don’t avoid the things you have to do. Because eventually the due date will come and you’re just stacking your anxiety. Click To Tweet Maintenance matters in life and in online business. Schedule yourself into consistency. Click To Tweet Once you’ve built up the experience of doing difficult things they don’t feel as difficult. Click To Tweet I’d rather just be the real vulnerable version of me. Whoever connects with me, connects with me. Click To Tweet Do or do not. There is no try. Click To Tweet You want a specialist. Click To Tweet Dia and Olivia talk about giving more attention to the drowned out internal voices that could help you move forward despite discouraging self-talk. Click To Tweet

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Now Tell Me:

  • What was the last amazing thing you’ve done?
  • Where aren’t you giving yourself enough credit?
  • What is something you’re scared to try?

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