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I’ll Never Apologize For Loving Pizza

At my office I’m kind of known as a health nut. I try my best to uphold the 5/2 rule: eat healthy, home-cooked meals during the week and whatever I want (in moderation) during the weekend. Between walking into the office most mornings with my water bottle and green smoothie, lunch breaks at the gym and often standing to work (Because this just in: Sitting is the new crack!), I’ve unintentionally set a standard for myself as super healthy.
Let’s get one thing straight. I fully understand and appreciate an active lifestyle with a nutritious diet, but I also appreciate the way “junk food” tastes. One of my favorite not-so-guilty pleasures… (I regret nothing) pizza. Normally, once a week I enjoy some nice, greasy and cheesy pizza. Typically I split the pizza with someone, but if I don’t it’s usually split into several meals throughout the weekend.
So when I didn’t have it for 2 weekends straight, I blew off my golden take out rule and ordered pizza Monday night after work (in my defense I ate a salad for lunch after going to the gym… wait, I regret nothing 🙂 ).
The next day when I got back to my desk from my midday workout and heated up a leftover slice of pizza, my coworker exclaimed, “PIZZA! That’s not like you!” (Clearly you don’t know me.)

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The same person who constantly walks in with McDonald’s bags and cheesy pasta dishes her son made the night before, made a huge deal about me having a side salad and slice of pizza?
I was just about to get annoyed then I smiled and said, “I had it yesterday too.”

Why is it that someone who tries to eat healthy gets the 3rd degree about eating something that isn’t 90% kale? If I don’t set my grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat on my desk and demand you tell me how healthy I am, I don’t expect (or want) you to tell me how bad I’m being for enjoying the ultimate food of the Gods… or as we mortals call it, pizza.
Yes I have gotten a head of cauliflower and made my own gluten free creation, which was delicious, but sometimes you want the original, and that’s okay.
All the fitness sites will tell you, you have to have the occasional treat otherwise you might snap and next thing you know, you’re eating 5 cheeseburgers and drinking 2 milkshakes while violently crying (I haven’t done this in case you are wondering. My highest burger count ever was 3 junior burgers).


[bctt tweet=”I love pizza! I love the cheese and the sauce! I just love it. I shouldn’t have to explain myself for eating it.” username=”Diadoll”]

I love pizza! I love the cheese! I love the sauce! I love the crust! I just love it and I don’t feel like I should have to explain myself for eating it. And I definitely won’t apologize. The only way I ever see myself giving up pizza, is if a doctor told me, “One more slice of pizza will literally kill you.” Then I’d ask, “What about half a slice?”
I wish people would stop labeling foods as bad. Anything in excess can be bad for you, even water. So enjoy that slice girl and remember no regrets.


Do It For Love,

Edited by M.L. Scarbrough


  1. *Karen*

    The only way I ever see myself giving up pizza, is if a doctor told me, “One more slice of pizza will literally kill you.” Then I’d ask, “What about half a slice?” –One of the many reasons why I think you’re the greatest.

  2. Mary

    Ha. I totally agree that balance and moderation is the key to healthy living. I mean, what’s life without pizza?

  3. Hil

    Ha ha my entire family (except me) are pizza nuts! My son at 5 months old literally RIPPED the pizza out of my hands and stuffed it into his mouth as fast as he could. Both my baby and toddler love pizza and my husband would order it for dinner twice a week if I let him. My MIL was SHOCKED at Thanksgiving when she ordered an XL pizza and my little family of 4 finished it off! I told her there wouldn’t be left-overs but she didn’t believe me. I would love to limit it to the weekend and healthy during the week but I’m tired and don’t always have time to cook lol!

  4. Dia

    It’s a life I don’t want to live.

  5. Dia

    If it wasn’t for heartburn and the desire for my waist not to expand I could eat it everyday lol
    Exactly life happens and you don’t always have time to make a home cooked meal plus it’s so affordable and yummy.

  6. Kathryn @GoingZeroWaste

    Ahahahahah! This is brilliant. I feel the same way. For my birthday I ate pizza the whole weekend.

  7. Ashley

    I just love everything about this post. Me and my kids are pizza freaks and would have it everyday if I didn’t feel slightly guilty about that. It was the only craving I had during both of my pregnancies and I couldn’t get enough.

  8. Dia

    That sounds like a great way to spend your birthday 🙂

  9. Dia

    I totally understand! I would too but hey at least in moderation it’s even more enjoyable when you only have it on special ocassions 🙂

  10. Les @ The Balanced Berry

    Love this! I totally agree there is nothing wrong with pizza – health is so much more about balance than eating all veggies all the time. Sometimes its really annoying when others’ insecurities about their food choices make it hard for the healthier, balanced folks. Keep doing you girl, you have an amazing attitude!

  11. Dia

    Balance is key! Thanks 🙂

  12. Candy

    No apology needed for loving pizza.

  13. Dia

    Haha right!

  14. Angela Tolsma

    I totally agree, I get flake all the time for eating healthy and then having chocolate. Pizza is seriously the best!

  15. Dia

    Lol right it’s like you can be healthy and still enjoy things not considered healthy.

  16. Angie Scheie

    I loved this post from the moment I read the title. Yes, yes, yes! Pizza is my all time favorite food. I try to be healthy, but here is always a soft spot for pizza. In college they teased me because I once said it fills my soul. Lol. It’s just SO good 🙂

  17. Dia

    We are totally kindred spirits because I see a pizza commercial and get happy lol

  18. Emily

    Hahaha it goes without saying that I LOVE this post! And yes, can totally relate to people scrutinizing both healthy and unhealthy eating. It’s so ridiculous! Just do you, girl. A little pizza never hurt nobody 😉

  19. Liz Mays

    All the naughty foods can be part of a diet if they’re just that — a part. I could eat pizza every day, by the way.

  20. Dia

    Right! Thanks Emily 🙂

  21. Dia

    You and me bth lol

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