Why I started a podcast

Introducing Creatives Crushing Anxiety

I’d like to officially announce the launch of my new podcast Creatives Crushing Anxiety! This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I wanted to tell you a few the reasons why I decided to start a podcast and how it came about.

First, if you follow along on the blog, then you know that I’ve been experimenting with audio and if you read my newsletter then you know I was debating doing a web show.

So let me tell you about how that played out. It’s simple there are two reasons I decided to only do a podcast instead of a full video production web show at this time.

Why Audio Instead of Video

First, it takes too much time. Originally my idea was to do what some of the online biz owners I look up to do; I was just going to record videos and audio at the same time. Using the same filming schedule to get more bang for my buck. This makes sense. Lucky Bitch, The Fem Show and Marie Forleo all do it. But then I realized something that set me apart from these badass shows. I am currently a team of one. Editing video is no easy feat for me. Honestly editing audio isn’t really either and I’ll hope I’ll get better at it with practice.

So bear with me over the next few months as I “master” my podcasting skills. I figured I could wait until I had it perfect and never launch or just start and learn as I go. Slow movement is better than no movement. I decided at this time the fastest lowest hanging fruit would be to stick to audio until A. My team grows or B. A Camera falls on my head and I develop mad editing skills…whichever happens first.

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Second, I’m not usually camera ready.

I know that I should care more about the message than the scenery but when I hop on YouTube and everyone looks like they are auditioning for America’s Next Top Model, it’s hard not to want to look my best on camera. Because I lean towards night owlery, I do most of my recordings late at night wearing an oversized t-shirt and bandana. I’m all for keeping it real, but my pink smiley face bandana might be a little distracting for anyone watching. Instead of producing low quality and poorly edited video I am just working on building an audience and providing value. I also decided that this way I will be more encouraged to do behind the scenes live streams on social media and get back into webinars.

So now that you know why I decided to do audio instead of video let’s talk about why I wanted to do a show at all.

Why do a show at all?

Save People Time

I’m all about productivity and wanted my content to not add to the pile of things my audience has to do. I want to provide value and content on a regular basis, but as someone who gets a lot of content in my inbox, I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to consume it all. When I check my inbox, I am way more likely to watch a video or hit play on a podcast than to sit down and read a blog post. Even when there is a blog post I probably just make my computer read it to me.

I wanted to provide a way for people to consume my content quickly while still living their lives and doing things like while washing dishes or driving.

Build Connections

The best way I can think about this is in relation a moment I had with the Spurs. I am a huge Spurs fan (for those who don’t follow sports they are the five time NBA champs located in San Antonio, Texas). The Spurs are pretty beloved locally and respected nationally for their teamwork and behavior. I hate to say this and it may make me sound judgemental but there is one player named Patty Mills, he is a great player, but when he joined the team I was hesitant to like him because he had the male equivalent to resting bitch face while playing (resting asshole face?), then everything changed. I was watching a post game interview, and he opened his mouth to reveal the most charming Australian accent.

I don’t have an Australian accent (sorry to disappoint if you haven’t listened yet).But this is part of the reason I see the importance of putting not just your words but your voice out there. While reading content, it’s easy to drone off in your brain in a generic monotone (or if your computer reads it to you). With audio, I can stress certain points with my voice and let more of my personality come through so that people feel like I’m a real person. I want to be a friend, a helper, a leader not just another voice in the crowd.

I realized by creating a podcast I would get the chance to drastically increase the feeling of connection and trust.

Expand My Reach

It may be shocking to think of now, but there are people who don’t read blogs. GASP! There are people who get all their entertainment, education and information from audio or video. With the blog my content was only reaching people who are looking for reading on the topics I discuss. Now I’ll be set up on iTunes, google play, stitcher and more so I can help more people and attract a new audience. (I’ll let you know when you can subscribe to these channels.

Help Others Tackle Anxiety

This is really a huge reason why I do anything I do online. I know firsthand how bad anxiety can be for someone trying to build something online and if my show can help people put systems in place to make their life better and reduce their anxiety then I am more than happy to take the time needed to produce Creatives Crushing Anxiety.

I am so excited about this new venture. So please go check out the podcast. You can also subscribe on any of the following platforms.



Google Play


Now you tell me: Do you have a podcast? Do you listen to them? What is a topic you’d like me to cover on the podcast? Tell me in the comments.


  1. Nicole Day

    I have never listened to a podcast before but I would definitely be interested in learning more and checking them out. Best of luck!

  2. Sian Ryan

    I actually listen to podcasts every night to help me sleep! I never ever get through a full episode but I love them! My faves are ones about horror stories or serial killers (LOL) but i find them so interesting! x

  3. An ODE To food

    Anxiety is the worst. I started struggling with it recently, will give podcasts a try.

  4. Vinil Ramdev

    I think podcasting is the way to go. I was considering doing video as well. Video definitely has more engagement but as you said, “You’ve got to be always dressed up, and look classy.” In an audio, you can be in your shorts and Ts and ripping it out.

  5. Ashley Cook

    I love your thought process. I have been going back and forth on how I want to convey my message through my blog. I love it when people find what fits for them.

  6. Emely Roman

    What an awesome idea! I struggle with General Anxiety Disorder. I’d love to collabo on this podcast. I think I can come up with a lot of discussion. If you are interested hit me up!

  7. Marvina Musser

    Interesting idea…I will have to check out your podcast 🙂

  8. Lauren Kunin

    I don’t really listen to a lot of podcasts but if it’s on a topic, I’m interested…I will. I look forward to your podcast

  9. Dia

    Thanks so much Nicole. I really love them. I hardly even listen to music in the car anymore it’s all podcasts and audio books lol

  10. Dia

    I actually really enjoy horror radio theater and listen to a lot of dateline while working. I love podcasts but I like to mix it up. If you like horror you might want to check out Eden Reads or Creepy Pastas.

  11. Dia

    I know how difficult it can be. For me prevention is a huge part of it. I have to find ways to not put myself in the situations that initiate my anxiety.When I feel organized it helps me.

  12. Dia

    I want to do it one day for sure but right now. I don’t have the time.

  13. Dia

    Thanks so much Ashley! <3

  14. Dia

    I do want to bring guests on in the future. I’ll reach out to you when I start. 🙂

  15. Dia

    Hope you enjoy it.

  16. Dia

    I totally get that. That’s how I am with anything. Sometimes the medium or delivery is just a plus.

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