It Ain’t Luck, It’s Hard Work


I want to talk to you all today about this word, lucky.  I don’t know if it’s just me but when people ask me about my business, or what I’m doing or where I’m going, or who I work with, and they’re like, “Oh my God, you’re so lucky.

 No, no, no, I am fortunate. I’m very fortunate. But it’s not like I was sitting on the couch one day meditating, and I manifested my income, my business, my life.

Now, what I think gets confused a lot of times is luck with fortune. I understand that I am incredibly blessed. But I worked my ass off to get to where I’m at. And when people say lucky, I don’t know why it triggers me because it makes me feel like sometimes it sounds like, “Oh, she didn’t work for it. Oh, she just kind of got it.”

 No, that is not real life. That is not how things worked. Yes, I believe in the Woo, I am very Woo Woo. I believe in setting intentions and having clarity, and I meditate and all that. But it’s also about doing the work. So yes, I may meditate and think about things that I want and visualize how it feels to have them but then you have to go and take action.

I am in a really awesome place in my life right now. And I’m working with people that I love and adore. But it hasn’t always been this way. Like I didn’t just wake up one day and have awesome, amazing clients who pay me on time. I was working nine to five, for at least three years while I was building this business and this brand. And the first year out was full of ups and downs and lots of sleepless nights. And it is not luck. It is hard work. Even some of the connections that I’ve been so happy and so grateful. And I’m grateful. Don’t get me wrong, because I’m talking shit about the word lucky does not mean I’m not grateful. But I think about it, every single good thing that’s happened has been a result of an action that I’ve taken. 

I have one of the most amazing mentors, who has really helped me make a lot of connections., Yes, I happen to meet her. And it was because I chose to look for opportunities to meet people. I left the house, I drove over there. It was a wonderful series of fortunate events that we found each other, but it wasn’t just blind luck. 

I was telling my coach earlier if things worked like that, that I would just be on the couch going,  “Michael B Jordan, Michael B. Jordan, Michael B. Jordan.” 

I think that it’s really important when you’re talking to people to just think about how you’re phrasing that because it’s not really luck. When I think lucky. I think, “Oh, crap. I just almost dropped this but I caught it. Like that was lucky because I’m not I don’t have the best reflexes.” Maybe that’s luck.

Yes, there is luck in the world and there’s magic in the world. But don’t let this fool you. This is hard work. And it’s consistent work and it is consistent growth and it’s consistently being grateful and looking for new opportunities and creating new opportunities in building relationships and partnerships and stepping out of your comfort zone which in and of itself is like a whole different level to work. 

I just want to remind you, you better work.