It’s My 30th Birthday!

Today is a special day it is my 30th birthday.


So today I want to share some of the birthday feels and some of my experiences and what I’m hoping for 30. And you know what I’ve learned in the last three decades, which is so crazy to say. I was thinking back yesterday about being at this older job of mine, I think I was maybe 25 at the time. And I remember, two of my co workers saying, they love being in their 30s, the 30s are so much better than their 20s. And that they wouldn’t go back. And I remember 25 year old Dia being like these people are in denial. But the funny thing is, I’m literally a few hours in and I am loving it already. I’m so excited. For this phase of my life, I’m so excited to see what 30 brings, and to feel a little bit more  stable, like I always felt like a stable person. But to actually be at this new chapter and have all the things going for me that I’m blessed to have. It’s crazy, and it’s exciting. And I just know that this decade is going to be amazing. 


So before we talk too much about the year coming up, I want to talk about some of the past. And first, I just I want to share some lessons that I’ve definitely learned over the past 30 years that I think everyone learns at some point in time. And if they don’t, they should. And the first one is that it’s not too late. I think so often we get put on this path.


It’s Not Too Late

A lot of times, especially in the world that we live in, where it’s like go to college, get a degree get a job, and the market and the world had made that room, obviously, that’s not necessarily the path you’re going to have. And that even if you do get a degree in Kinesiology, it’s never too late to go ahead and write that book, it’s never too late to start your own business, it’s never too late to do the things that your souls is calling to you. Because I think when you’re 18, and you think “What I want to do for the rest of my life?” it’s completely ridiculous to expect an 18 year olds know what they want to do for the rest of their life. And I think it’s so important to stop and say it’s okay to change my mind. It’s okay to explore new things. It’s okay to grow and evolve. Because if you’re not growing and evolving, evolving, linear, you know, doing the same thing and you’re stuck in your stagnant. I’ve had a really good life. Obviously, I’ve had highs and lows like everyone else. But I don’t want to be doing the same stuff I was doing when I was 22. Just because you know, you grow out of it, and you want to explore new things and do new challenges. So that’s definitely a big lesson that I continue to learn, especially as a business owner. 


Not Everyone Has To Be Your Friend 

The next thing is not everyone is your friend. And that’s been really popular on the internet lately.  

But what I mean is some people are seasons, some people are lessons. Some people are just passing ships, and that’s okay. I think what really kind of highlight that, for me is people who continuously show up. I had my first birthday celebration this past Saturday. And, you know, looking around the dinner table.


When we were at the restaurant I had my friend Mark who I’ve been friends with since I was 18, who constantly shows up I think he’s missed maybe one birthday and all that time and he had the flu.


My friend is Azalea who also known since I was 18. My other best friend Alissa, whose three year old was there. And it was so funny because like, I remember meeting her, I think it was probably my 23rd birthday. And, and we went through, “okay, we’re, I’m at your wedding, okay, now you’re pregnant. Okay, now he’s here and talking.” And it’s those are the people who constantly show up. And even the text messages and phone calls. I’ve gotten a day from people who couldn’t go to dinner on Saturday, just those people who consistently show up and consistently care. 


I think it’s so important to get along with people, to have fun, to be open to meeting new people, but to also not feel the need to have everyone in your inner circle, which, as someone who’s a bit of a social butterfly, while I’m also like an anxious introvert, I’m an oxymoron.


But to really just appreciate those people and to be okay with having that really small inner circle of people who love you and support you. So that’s definitely something that I’m so glad I’ve learned and so glad I’ve been able to accept doesn’t mean I don’t get disappointed. Sometimes it doesn’t mean that I don’t wish people would show up better. But it means that I can just really sit in the gratefulness of the what I do have and who I do have and the people who do continue to show up and who choose to show up and be there and be a part of my life. 


I think the thing that I’m most excited for is just the utter clarity that I’m feeling in my life. And my business right now. As I mentioned in previous episodes, I’m in a transition state in my business where I’m like moving some things around as far as who I work with and what I’m doing, and I’m really excited about something that will be launching this fall. But I am just really, really lit up about the things that are coming and the people I’ll be able to help and serve. And I feel like I’m finally in this place where I have the confidence to put this passion project and this purpose out into the world that I’ve been feeling for years. So I’m really, really excited about that. I recently moved, if you follow my Instagram stories, or even my newsletter, you know, I recently moved to a new place. So it’s just funny that all of these changes are lining up. Right as I go into this new decade of my life, because I love this environment, it’s different, it’s fresh, it feels like this is my 30 year old apartment. And just to be able to be in these different phases, and I’m, you know, looking, I’m still looking into buying a house in the next one to two years. But having the mindset of Okay, like what do I need to do, like I recently paid off some debt, I am planning to, you know, get my finances in order to purchase a house, I am doing different things I you know, started building my team and just different things that seem so adult, for lack of a better word. Um, it’s just, it’s a really exciting time for me. And I just love that they all lined up at the same time. And I feel like that’s a really good sign from the universe that this is my time. And I’m just really ready to step into the beauty. And the purpose of who I’m going to be in this decade of my life. I mean, it’s just so funny if I had thought about the way that I think about the way that things were when I was 20. And you know, just really struggling going to school working all the time to pay for everything. And my religion with my mom or my, my oldest sister and where we are now. And that we have these adult loving relationships, and we communicate and we talk to each other like adults, and I don’t just feel like an oversized child anymore.


And it’s just because I woke up this morning with such clarity. And I know I wanted to put something out today about you know, my birthday and just, you know, entering this new decade because it’s huge. And every year that I’ve since I’ve had the business and the blog, I’ve done some sort of birthday post and this one just feels so casual, but so monumental is at the same time. So I guess I’ll do a little bit of like fun, this and this. We’re going to keep this short because obviously like there’s no script here, I’m just you know, we getting personal with you guys. But, uh, five habits that I want to incorporate into this year is better boundaries, which is an ongoing journey for me in life and personal, more fun. I want to definitely have more fun this year, in business and in life, like, again. And it’s so funny because these things are so interconnected, especially you know, when you work from home, and you have your own business, but I want to have more fun if like last year was a year of really just beast mode. And I’m coming out of this season of extreme drive and force in nit and grit. And I want to have more fun and more joy in that. I think also, I want to have more adventure. I traveled a little bit this last year and I’ve been fortunate enough as an adult so you know, have a good amount of travel. But I want to you know, travel uproot myself, I’m a person who’s very comfortable. And I constantly feel like I’m nesting actually told my best friend was the other day when she came over to see the apartment and said, I don’t really want it to leave, like I just want to like nest and get comfortable and be here. So I want to have a little bit more adventure. I want to up my game. That’s definitely the next thing that I want to do. As far as my finances, I want to increase my revenue, I want to make smarter decisions, I want to start planning for retirement, I want to be a financially secure adult in a way that I haven’t been before. Like I said, I’ve been good and I’ve been really blessed this past year, but I want to just take it to the next level and really set myself up for the future. And then the final thing I really want to do is just like focus on my health. A couple of years ago I lost 40 pounds, and I’ve done a pretty good job of like keeping that weight off. But I want to take it to the next level you know, going back to the dentists on a regular like every six months like I’m supposed to, I want to make a workout habit. And not just oh I’ll do because it helps my back which it does but actually you know putting in some cardio just really taking care of my body and my self insight now I think after I lost the weight or while always losing the weight and even now a lot of my journeys been about the mental part of health and then taking care of mental health. You know, hence the podcast creates crushing anxiety, but I want to go even further and just really look into like taking care of my body physically. So I will go ahead and wrap this up because I want to go enjoy my birthday. get some work done relax before I have dinner tonight, but I just wanted to share some thoughts with you on this special. 


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