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January 2016 Goals

I really am liking this whole goal setting thing. I’ve talked about it a lot on the blog last month, with it being the New Year. I’m making a lot of changes here at All the Things I Do. I really want to focus on helping my reader balance the pressures that some with starting a new blog  or online business. I’ll be revamping  the blog, slowly but surely you will notice changes to the sections and blog format. I would love to shut down for a few days and just get everything done in one foul swoop but time is money and page views. I am in the process of preparing for my first webinar and building my email list which is super exciting.

Before we go over my goals for January lets remember you have to hold yourself accountable here is how December went…

December 2015 Goals


  • Finish reading Sounds Like Me.

Done! Look out for my review, which I will warn you pretty much sounds like a platonic love letter and a cry for Sara Bareilles to be my best friend so far. I also finally read, “Not that Kind of Girl,” by Lena Dunham.

  • Throw an amazing Christmas Party!

It was a blast. I also got some awesome housewarming gifts. I made wings from scratch AND jello shots because, WHY NOT.

  • Hang up my art in the new apartment.

Still haven’t done this. Between being super busy, Christmas decorations and not being sure what I want to hang and where, this didn’t seem important.

  • Don’t get a sinus infection. This one may sound silly but I get them almost every holiday center and I feel one brewing. 🙁

So far so goos. Didn’t feel great the week of New Years but made it to 2016 without one. Hoping I can keep it up now that Texas has joined the rest of the country in finally having winter weather.

I actually only got annoyed once and that was when we had lunch right before I left to come back home. We actually spend a good amount of time hanging out. Christmas eve she stayed at my mom’s and we played Headbands. Then Christmas night we went to the movies to see SISTERS! It was hilarious! Go see it.

Blog and Freelance Goals

    • Post twice weekly


    • Work on Content Upgrades for popular posts.

Have done some work but haven’t published.

    • Work on my first webinar.

This got put on hold for some person projects. I am planning on going full steam ahead and hoping for a March date.

    • Publish at least 2 pieces on other sites (at least one paid)

This month has been full of rejection to be honest. I’ve submitted stuff to al the sites I’ve worked with before (and a few more) and heard lots of crickets most of the month. 🙁 I was contacted by a Romance website and will be sharing that post soon. I also had a post published on She Knows Media, Fat at A Funeral.

    • Gain at least 20 new subscribers.

Did not happen. This is why I need to really go hard on my content upgrades and start making it clear what the focus of the blog is.

    • Have 220 Instagram followers

243! Yay!

    • Have 840 twitter followers

904! Yay!

    • Have 130 Facebook Page likes

149! Honestly I’m floored by this. I know it’s not a huge number but I saw some unlikes the week of Christmas and it got me a little down, can’t believe I surpassed my goal.

    • Have 325 Pinterest Followers

328! Wow I have been trying to be more  active on Pinterest and since adding rich pins and making a board for my site I think it helped

    • Clean out my emails

I did this before Christmas but after Christmas it all piled up again. 🙁

    • Take awesome pictures with my new camera!

I did take some pictures but none that I’ve posted or used yet….next month goal figure out how you connect camera to computer lol

    • Finish putting together my Mastermind Group. I’ve been in talks with several wonder bloggers the past few days and want to have the group ready to go to kick off the new year.

  I’ve put together a wonderful group of women. We tried to have our first meeting but there were technical difficulties and not everyone could make it and it got cut short. We are trying again this week!


Health and Fitness

  • Get back in the habit of eating all meals at home at least 5 days a week.

I don’t know that I did this totally but I did cook a lot more this month.

  • Get back into meatless Mondays.

I haven’t but I’m starting today.

  • Work out at least 4 times a week 30 minutes to 1 hour or 12 hours a month.

No just no.


January 2016 Goals


  • Read Year of Yes and Yes, Please . Trying to read 2 books a month. 
  • Deep clean the new tub so I can get back to weekly bubble baths for relaxation.
  • Hang up my art in the new apartment.
  • Don’t get a sinus infection. Hopefully I can keep up the good health. If I make it past February I should be in the clear. 

Blog and Freelance Goals

    • Post twice weekly
    • Be more consistent with newsletter.
    • Be more consistent sharing my posts on other sites.
    • Work on my first webinar.
    • Publish at least 2 pieces on other sites (at least one paid)
    • Gain at least 15 new subscribers.
    • Have 275 Instagram followers
    • Have 930 twitter followers
    • Have 170 Facebook Page likes
    • Have 360 Pinterest Followers
    • Clean out my emails- My constant battle.
    • Create a blogging consistency for irregular posts like recipes or funny stories.
    • Create a Facebook Group for the Mastermind Group and have 2 meetings this month.


Health and Fitness

Keeping these the same since I majorly failed on them!

  • Get back in the habit of eating all meals at home at least 5 days a week
  • Get back into meatless Mondays
  • Work out at least 3 times a week 30 minutes to 1 hour or 12 hours a month want to have the group ready to go to kick off the new year.


I really want 2016 to be a good year and I want to make some big changes, with my career, body and personal life.

Now tell me, what are your big goals in 2016? What do you hope to get accomplished this month?


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