John Stamos and Josh Peck team up as father-son duo in FOX’s Grandfathered

Last Friday I was living out my Carrie Bradshaw dreams. I was in New York City at an exclusive early screening.

I suppose you could say, I have arrived. Okay, maybe I didn’t fully arrive but I did get super lucky and was able to reserve a seat at the #Blogher15 advanced showing of Fox’s new comedy, Grandfathered followed by a Q&A with one of  the show’s stars, Josh Peck.

Josh Peck and I. What a cute couple.
Josh Peck and I. What a cute couple!

Ain’t he cute!

I’m talking an intimate showing in one of the New York Hilton Midtown’s conference rooms. (I actually got to touch him…as well as shamelessly hit on him)

I featured Grandfathered earlier this year in my post My Reaction to 2015-2016 Network Trailers.

When I first saw the trailer my hopes were high and I was not disappointed. The pilot is hilarious! John Stamos plays Jimmy, the smooth talking restaurateur and ladies man whose world is turned upside down when his unknown adult son Gerald, played by Josh Peck, shows up at his restaurant….with his granddaughter.

Stamos’ character responds the only way you would expect, horrified…. not only is he a father but a “ga…ga… I can’t even say it”(grandfather).

The back story:

Jimmy dated Gerald’s mom, Sara, played by Criminal Minds’ Paget Brewster, back in the 80’s. Jimmy never knew that Sara was pregnant and because of his playboy behavior she didn’t want him to know. Gerald is the opposite of his ladies’ man dad, a bit of a momma’s boy with no game in the romance department.  Gerald got his friend, Vanessa, portrayed by Christina Milian, pregnant one night by the luck of the Gods. Now Gerald and Vanessa co-parent as friends while he pines for her.

Everyone in this cast is a delight. I expected it to be funny with Stamos and Peck at the helm but it exceeded my expectations.

The room was filled with laughter and this was even before funny man, Peck came back after the screening to do a Q&A with fans.

me by josh's sign

josh talkingStuff I just want to brag about

During the Q&A I yelled, “You grew up hot” and he responded “Thank you, you did too.” Not really prevalent to the show review but how can I not share that?!?!

I also got him to do a little bit of his The Mindy Project character, Rayron, for the room.

He wished me a happy birthday but had to decline my offer to go take birthday shots (I had to try).

Check out the trailer and the show premieres on FOX September 29th!

In Honor of today’s premiere check out Gerlad’s adorable diaper changing tutorial (a Blogher Exclusive):



  1. Corinne Falotico

    Remember when he agreed to marry me? That was awesome 😛

  2. Dia

    Feminist feline and feminist fox! I won’t fight you for him if he hooks me up with Stamos. lol

  3. Dia

    He is. He was so nice and hilarious!

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