July 2016 Goals

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As I write this I am coming off the high of a 4 day weekend. In a bit of a denial that i’ts July 4th! I’m finding myself extra excited that I am starting at a new job tomorrow and this weekend it’s my birthday!

I had some fun goals last month lets see how they went.

June Goals

Personal Goals

  • Finish reading Girl Boss. I have to do this. At this point it’s just embarrassing!

No but I don’t feel bad. I think I needed to get away from work type reading and just read so for fun. I read a book called Smart Boys and Fast Girls by Stephie Davis.  It was a really easy and fast read. It was one of those books you find yourself shocked just keep turning the page and before you know it you’re done. Smart Boy and Fast Girls is the story of Natalie, a young track runner who has two big problems; a crush on the wrong guy and she is failing geometry. This was a fun read. I might be older than the target demographic of this book but who cares! I enjoyed reading it and rooting for Natalie. 


  • Enjoy the hell out of my 2 hour massage on Saturday.

It went by way too fast! It was great, my only complaint was the runny nose I had during it. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a runny nose during a massage but it’s pretty inconvenient. 

  • Find more time to creative write for myself.

For the 4th we went out to my friends river house and to be honest it was the first time in a while I had a creative writing idea. I haven’t gotten much writing done on it yet because I was enjoying myself but unplugging was so nice.

  • Have a great mini vacation with my Mom and sister.

Sadly my sister’s boyfriend lost his mother. The weekend of our trip was the funeral so we had to postpone. 

  • Book my hotel room for Blogher16. I’ve gotten my plane tickets and conference pass just need a place to sleep.

I did this! I am beyond excited. 

Blog and Freelance Goals

383 Wow so close. Have you liked my Facebook page? Do it! Please 🙂 


613! Heck yeah! 

546 at the end of the end of the month but as of 7/4 is 549!

  • Increase my email list by 10 people

Woot Woot! Done ! Thanks to any new subscribers. 

  • Create at least one new Resource for my Resource Library

I don’t think I added anything in the month of July.  I don’t want to create a new item just to say I did. I created a Resource Library to provide value not crap.  

  • Post twice a week.


  • Publish 2 posts on other sites.

I’ve gotten some requests but since I have stopped writing for free I haven’t had the time to pitch anything new. I did do a blogger post swap with Brittney Lynn from BrittneyLLynn.com.

How To Pick The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Brand

  • Finish my e-course and launch on schedule. Launch date: June 14th.

Done! The course is continuous, so if you are looking to define your niche you can sign up here

  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.

I have been doing really good about trying to get on social media and commenting and liking on others’ posts.

  • Pick which topic I will use for my first digital product.

I am still very much all about this but have been focusing on other things, like my personal life.

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 6,500 steps a day

I am really proud of myself! Besides going to the gym a little more often I have been working hard to go above this. I’ve been walking in circles around my coffee table to hit this.

  • Track all my meals

My fitness pal log is on point. I am debating trying a new program like Whole 30.

  • Make meals at home 80% of the time or only eat out 4 times of the week.

Partly because I’ve been cash poor I managed to be really good about cooking at home.

  • Work out twice a week.

This was up and down but I did finish the month strong.

All and all not a bad month at all. I had a lot of stuff going on and I’m feeling pretty good about June and excited about July!

July Goals

Personal Goals

  • Read one book this month.
  • Have a blast at my birthday.
  • Get everything ready to go for Blogher 16
  • Save up money for my trip.
  • Work on the creative idea I had out at the river house.

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Have 400 Facebook page likes
  • Have 2000 Twitter Followers
  • Have 645 Instagram Followers
  • Have 540 Pinterest Followers
  • Increase my email list by 10 people
  • Create at least one new Resource for my Resource Library
  • Post twice a week.
  • Publish 1 post on another site.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.
  • Pick which topic I will use for my first digital product.

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 7,000 steps a day
  • Track all my meals
  • Make meals at home 80% of the time or only eat out 4 times of the week.
  • Find a kickboxing class near me I can afford.

I am super excited about the new editions to my goals. I have a pretty busy social calendar this week so I am really looking forward to getting stuff down and having fun.

Wish me good luck and share your big July goals in the comments. 


  1. KP

    Congrats on crushing most of your goals from last month!
    I might just have to steal some of your goals for this month as well. Good luck 🙂

  2. Terryn Winfield

    I love your goals! I like how you have personal goals mixed in with business goals. Congrats on your accomplishments! I know keeping track off all the social media platforms can be overwhelming, but looks like you have a handle on them. I’ll have to go find you on them 🙂

  3. Annie

    Great goals! I love how you have them all written out! Enjoy your massage 🙂 Jealous!!

  4. candy

    Finding more time to spend in my craft room creating as well as creating in the kitchen.

  5. Shann

    Great job with June! Sounds like you had a really productive and fun month. I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s boyfriend’s mom. Looks like you’ve got some great stuff planned for July!

  6. Glenda Kruse

    I have so many goals I haven’t reached yet but working on it. I am so looking forward to a mini vaca but my 4 dogs are stopping me. I don’t have anyone I trust to watch them. Keep up the great working increasing your blog business 🙂

  7. Dia

    Thanks KP! 🙂

  8. Dia

    I did enjoy it lol didn’t last long enough but it was part of the June goals not July.

  9. Dia

    There are links in the post. Thank yu 🙂

  10. Liz Mays

    Your goals are so concrete! I tend to make mine too obscure, I think. I’ll start getting really specific too.

  11. GiGi Eats

    How was that massage?! Typically when I get them, I can only go for about an hour – then I need to get up and going or else I will be a slug the rest of the day – I guess that’d be okay if I got the massage on a weekend at like 6 or 7pm! ha!


    I admire your very ambitious goals for the month. But I think by writing them down, it is easier to hold yourself accountable and actually achieve them! Good luck!

  13. Cori

    Great job, Dia! Congrats on getting a new creative writing idea. I love it when those just pop into your head.

  14. Jay Colby

    Awesome goals! My July goals are to have 2,000 plus subscribers on my site & to have 4,000 likes on my Facebook page.

  15. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    I really like how you broke down your goals into the different areas of your life – nicely organized! My only goal for July is to survive a HOT month as a pregnant-with-twins woman LOL

  16. Victoria Stacey

    Great goals! I should really post mine on my blog to keep me in check. Also, enjoy your massage, two hours will FLY by! I had an hour one in Thailand it felt so short haha

  17. leah herring

    Love all of your goals and you kicked butt in June! So sorry to hear about your sister’s boyfriend’s mother.

  18. Amber Starr

    Followed all your social media accounts! You’re doing great. I’ve been slacking on my steps and need to kick them up. This weekends 5k was rough and it’s because of my recent laziness (to be fair, my daughter suddenly hates sleep). I need set up an email list still! What are you using for yours?

  19. Emily

    What?! I want a 2 hour massage! Killing it per usual. PS let me know how you like Girl Boss. I’ve been wanting to read it.

  20. Jen

    I totally following your lead and setting social media follower goals for this month. I want to grow, but that’s so nonspecific. Hopefully having numbers to aim for will give me something to work harder toward. Great job last month!

  21. Dia

    Good luck Jen!

  22. Dia

    Thanks Cait!

  23. Dia

    I like it but for me it hasn’t been a page turner.

  24. Dia

    Awe thanks Amber! Mailchip FTW on email list.

  25. Dia

    Thanks Leah. <3

  26. Dia

    Oh it was last month. Yeah it flew by.

  27. Dia

    I haven’t had it in a while so it was great.

  28. Dia

    It really is. I have to own it.

  29. Dia

    That is a big goal. Twins on man. Much power to you.

  30. Dia

    WOW huge goal. Best of luck Jay.

  31. Dia

    It was a Saturday at like 3 it was great. I went home and relaxed afterwards.

  32. Dia

    Good luck Liz.

  33. Dia

    Thanks Glenda. Man 4 dogs I can see that being a lot on the plus side I’m sure they tire each other out some.

  34. Dia

    It was rough for him but at least she isn’t in pain anymore.

  35. Dia

    I hope you get that.

  36. Sandy

    Goals are so good to create. they set you in the right direction.

  37. Kerona

    Congrats on reaching most of your goals Dia
    Have a lovely weekend

  38. Dia

    I totally agree.

  39. Dia

    I hope you had a great weekend.

  40. Anna nuttall

    Great goals – I’ll be checking up if you archive any. 🙂 xxx

  41. Dia

    No ifs about it! I might not hit em all but I have been working my butt off.

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