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Know Your Worth With Erica from Coming Up Roses

This week I have Erica Ligenza from Coming Up Roses. Erica and I dive into the problems bloggers face getting the payment they deserve. She also shares how she stepped up her game and the perfect way to frame requesting payment for your marketing services (i.e. publishing sponsored content and giving brands access to your loyal following). Erica is pretty kickass and I know anyone looking to build a lifestyle business will get a lot out of this episode.

In this episode:

  • How she started Coming Up Roses in college.
  • How she went from blogging to a full-time business and lifestyle brand.
  • Why she wants influencer marketers to understand they deserve to be paid when working with brands.
  • How she decided to create her course Boss Pitch.
  • What she has learned in nearly 5 years of owning her business and how it lead her to double her income.
  • How we can all help spread more light in the world.
  • What she thinks everyone needs to do to improve their life.

Listen to the episode here:

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[bctt tweet=”‘If a brand wants to work with you clearly they are seeing something in you that they want to associate with their brand.’ – @msericaligenza” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”‘If I’m doing something that a brand deems valuable and is helping their business I deserve to be paid for that.’ – @msericaligenza” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”You can’t pay your rent in backlinks or shampoo… Why you should be paid for working with brands as a blogger.” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”‘Girl, of course, you deserve to get paid. You’re doing marketing.’ – @msericaligenza” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”My time is worth money. My time is valuable. ” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Product is not payment. Product is the necessary means to get the job done. ” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”They don’t go NBC or CBS and offer to pay them in clothes. ” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”There are two ways of spreading light. Be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ” username=”Diadoll”]


An interview with influencer Erica from Coming Up Roses



About Erica 

Coming Up Roses is a hub of authentic inspiration, achievable style and beauty, and affordable lifestyle for ambitious millennial women. Erica has been running CUR for over 4 years now – she now blogs full time in the City of Brotherly Love, where she lives with her hubs and 3 rescue cats.


You can find Erica here:

Coming Up Roses




Boss Pitch

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