Can you still teach when there is a lot of competition in your market?

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So if you’ve been online at all you’ve probably noticed that there are a million options for just about anything you would ever search. Let’s play a game! I’m going to search for random terms and tell you how many results I find.

  • Pig Latin Teachers 861,000 results in 0.82 seconds
  • How to make your own sparkling water 8,470,000 results in 1.15 seconds
  • Millennial Time Management Coaches  1,530,000 results in 10.20 seconds (my field)
  • How to start a blog 433,000,000 results in .9 seconds

See what I mean? Even things that seem kind of random (Pig Latin Teachers) or something I thought was super niched down (Millennial Time Management Coaches) have a lot of options. That being said I want to make two points for you today.

Don’t Let All The “Competition” Keep You From Chasing Your Dreams

Have you ever heard someone say, “I want to be a therapist, but there are so many why would anyone go to me?

Probably not. I did a little research, and in my state (Texas) the most common category in 2014 was truck, delivery and tractor drivers. In fact, that was the top job field in 29 of the 50 States in the U.S., In second place was primary school teachers with six states and in third place secretaries winning five states. What’s the point of the statistics? A lot of the most “traditional” jobs are pretty saturated, and you have to fight for those jobs. If you’re going to be fighting for a career why not fight for the one you’re passionate about?

You could say, “Oh not a lot of people become authors. I probably won’t make it, so why even try.” Well if you don’t try you sure won’t make it. Or you could keep writing that book that only you can write.

Not everyone is going to love your book, but the people who do will be raving fans. The point is you’re not for everyone, but if you keep working and putting yourself out there, you will eventually find the people who will love and adore you.

So don’t avoid chasing your dreams because it’s a saturated market. The truth is for some people finding jobs that require no education or specialty training are sometimes just as hard to find.

This makes me think of the Tony Gaskins’ quote, ”If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

3 Things to remember when you feel like there is no point:

  1. You are a unique colorful unicorn! Yes, you are. Even if you have an identical twin, you are your own person, and no one else will ever be you or have your specific experiences, knowledge, and abilities.
  2. Someone wishes they knew what you knew. You may not be the most experienced or even the best, but some people would love to be where you are.
  3. Would you rather deal with the fear of not succeeding now or the regret of never trying later?

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself By Trying to Take Everyone’s Advice.

Regardless of what you want to do in life, I’m talking large scale, or small scale here will be a lot of places to find direction. Like if you want to make chicken salad from scratch or you want to improve your relationship, tons of options.

The trick to this is to find the direction that works for you. There are tons of expert people out there who could teach me a lot but would bore me to sleep. Some people are masters of their craft, but I find annoying. Then some people talk in a way I relate to who have the same knowledge as the other experts, but something about them speaks to me.

I am a huge believer in continually learning and expanding, but I also know when building an online business or blog it can be incredibly overwhelming with all the advice out there.

My best advice before putting any money on the table really explore their brand and see if you find a good fit before you splurge on a course.

If you’re considering hiring a coach or a course, chances are the person offers discovery calls or has free videos or audio available in some capacity for you to get a feel for them.

Don’t try to consume the content from everyone, it will just put you in biz paralysis.

3 Things to Remember When Looking For Online Guidance

  • Trust your gut. AKA remember you need to listen to yourself! If you’re on the fence about something, ask yourself, if it’s fear or if it just doesn’t feel right. If it just doesn’t feel right for you move on.
  • Find people who have been where you are. Would you want to take a course on knitting a hat from someone who has never knitted a hat? No! Feel free to ask them what their qualifications are if they aren’t presented. Keep in mind that for some people it might be difficult to show their shortcomings or past so they may not share till you ask.
  • Don’t listen to everybody but don’t listen to just one person. I’ve been listening to the audible book I don’t Know What You Know Me From, by Judy Greer and in one of the chapters today she was talking about how you need different friends for different things. (It was during a hilarious tangent about how in Rom-Coms the leading character only has one best friend, and that isn’t anything like real life. I totally agree to quote, Mindy Lahiri, “Best Friend isn’t a person Danny it’s a tier.”) So while you might have one main best friend, if you’re like me, you have that best friend for when you need to cry, that best friend when you need to laugh, that best friend when you need to talk over an extra dirty martini at happy hour and that best friend who will go shot for shot with you till the bars close then head to get tacos with you at 3 a.m. Wow did someone say the word tangent? But back to my point, you need to find mentors for All The Things (even if it’s not someone who has no idea you exist, and you just soak up all their content like a sponge, cough cough, Marie Forleo, holla at ya girl!) You might feel like person X gives great advice about mindset, while person Y seems to be the queen of social media and person Z is trained by monks in the art of sales pages. Whatever it is, find your people and take the rest with a grain of salt.

One of my favorite online mentors is the Mariah Coz of Femtreprenuer because she is pretty much as real as online entrepreneurs get. One thing that really struck a chord with me about her business is just how open she is about the process, what makes her different and her mission. That’s why last Fall I took the leap and registered for her signature course Launch Your Signature Course, which takes you through the entire process of planning, creating a course, launching and post launch.  I have learned so much in the course and continue to revisit it for new lessons or reviews.

Right now Mariah is hosting a free video workshop to you all about launching your own course! This workshop is free and super detailed. It’s also a great opportunity for you to decide if you love her teaching system and community as much as I do and if you’d like to join me as a launch your signature course student.  You can access to the free video series here, with no obligation! Woot woot!

So tell me, have you ever felt some hesitation because your market is saturated? Have you ever dealt with information overload when trying to learn online? Tell me in the comments!

Source: To see the job statistics information check it out here.


  1. Ava

    You always have such great advice. I especially like don’t listen to everyone but don’t listen to just one.

  2. Dia

    Awe I really appreciate that Ava! <3

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