What I learned as a podcaster

Lessons I’ve Learned From 1 Year of Podcasting

Welcome to this week’s episode aka the season one finale of Creative’s Crushing Anxiety. In the 52nd episode, I dive into some of the lessons I’ve learned since starting the podcast and what I’m excited about for seasons 2 (I also share the launch date for season 2).

Lessons I’ve learned in a year of podcasting:

  • Technology Can Be A Bitch
  • I Actually Don’t Hate Talking To Strangers
  • We Aren’t Alone
  • Reason Is Everything
  • Connection Is Important
  • No One Really Cares What You’re Doing
  • Be Open To The Unusual Suspects

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Thank you to everyone who has checked out the show over the past 52 episodes. If just one person downloaded and got something from it I believe it is worth the time I’ve put into this project that is so close to my heart.

Just for fun I checked out the stats from the past episodes to see which are the most popular you can check those out below. 

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Natalie MacNeil – She Takes On The World TV

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