Making History: Same Sex Marriage Legal in Nationwide

Unless you are just waking up and haven’t been online or turned on a television this morning than you should know that this morning, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court has ruled Same Sex Marriage is not only constitutional but legal! This decision takes away states individual rights to bond legal unions between same sex marriage!

While I tweeted my own excitement there is one person I had to text, my big sister who is an amazing woman and a great friend and also happens to be a lesbian.

I am a huge supporter of equality. As someone who grew up in the south a double minority (black and female) I acknowledge that things most people take as a constitutional right are often things that haven’t always been so easily given like African American rights to votes or women’s right to vote for example. We are all humans and love is love regardless of color or gender.

It gives me hope for the country that loving same-sex partners can have the choice to make their love official and reap the same rights and benefits as anyone else.

I  cannot stop smiling! There was a time women didn’t get to choose who they married, a time where slave owners didn’t have to recognize or acknowledge the marriages of their slaves, a time where interracial marriage was punishable…. I may not be a homosexual but I am beyond thrilled this is a victory for humanity.

Social media is flooding with support for the decision with the hashtags #lovewins and #loveislove. Many celebrities and public figures, included  President Obama has commented on the news.








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