Making it Happen For Yourself Why You Should Blog

Making It Happen For Yourself. Why You Should Blog

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Everyone has a dream even if they’ve long let it go.

Sometimes life happens, change happens and our dreams get left on the back burner.

I’m not claiming to have it all figured out or mastered. Hell, it’s 7:40 on Sunday night and I’m just now writing the post for tomorrow. In my defense, I’ve been making notes randomly throughout the week since this topic came to me but things came up this weekend and while it was busy and is the reason I’m working slightly later than I typically would like to on a Sunday night, I had a nice weekend.

About a month ago I shared the detailed story of how and  I started my blog with my email subscribers. The short version, I got called out and inspired. I kept talking about how I loved writing but never wrote for myself. Then I realized the commercial real estate company I worked for wasn’t going to ask me to write a comical piece about the 12 Guys You Meet Online Dating, they weren’t going to ask me to document My Month Without Facebook, so I needed to make my own stage. I needed to make my own platform.

I think the best example of this I heard at Blogher 15. Deva Dalporto from My Life Suckers was accepting her award and she was talking about how she had always wanted to be an actress but it never happened, “No one was going to cast me in a movie, so I started making my own.”

So that brings me to reason number one you should start a blog….

So you have a platform

I know this may seem like the day and age of way too many platforms (gotta love social media) but what about a space all your own to really share your experience, knowledge, thoughts, and opinions?

Blogging is a great way to work through your own emotions. Sometimes you just need to put it out there. Personal, anonymous, business or whatever.  Blogging lets you share your words.

It doesn’t have to be like other blogs. Fit it to your needs and goals.

Author who keeps getting rejection letters from publishing houses?

Start a blog!

Publish one chapter a week and charge a dollar for every 4th chapter or charge $8 for the final chapter (they will be hooked by then).

Poet who is sick of online contests and entry fees?

Start a blog!

Share your poems then compile a book of poetry with the published content and unpublished content.

Business Owner trying to show your expertise and get more clients?

Start a blog!

Share industry insights and predictions. I love when I go on a business website and they have a blog with relevant/helpful information. Chances are depending on the type of business you have people aren’t going to just visit your website to look at products on a regular basis but if you have a newsletter/blog it gives people a reason to visit more often and ultimately buy more.

Web Hosting

Comic sick of open mic nights?

Start a Blog or a  Vlog!

Start writing your funny anecdotes and publish them. Or if you hate the technical side of writing make videos. Start a YouTube Channel and go for it. Tons of people have made a living from YouTube. Have you seen the Forbes list of top YouTube earners?

One of my favorite YouTubers Lily Sighn made $2.5 million in 2015 and she was only #8 on the list.

Want to start a charity or make a difference in a cause that means a lot to you?

Start a blog!

This gives you a chance to connect with and recruit other supports. There is power in numbers. I met Elizabeth Blackney last July and she changed me life sharing the story of being held hostage and gang-raped for days at the tender age of 17! (Read her story here) She now works with the Panzi foundation , helping other victims of abuse in the Dominican Republic of Congo by raising awareness and providing funding for the Panzi Hospital.

We live in an awesome time where you can share your opinions and create your own opportunities.

Whatever it is you want to do, that you feel like you can’t blogging can help you get there. Just ask yourself how.

I’ve spent years reading websites like She Knows, XO Jane and Hello Giggles, two years ago I would’ve never imaged that I would be writing for them, much less getting paid to share my stories.


So regardless of your goal you should start a blog. If you have questions or a goal and aren’t sure how blogging might help you reach it, drop a comment below and I’ll respond with some ideas. 🙂


Now a video from the lovely Deva for a good laugh:



  1. Jenny

    I love having my own platform to say whatever I want to say.

  2. Tabitha

    I think it’s great for anyone to start a blog, whether it’s personal, for business, to share tips or recipes… it doesn’t matter. It’s really a great way to express yourself and get yourself out there and I wish I had started mine earlier than I did (or at least stuck with my very first blog!)

  3. Mark Dyson

    So much this. The Internet has given everyone a global voice and a platform—not to mention the value of constantly-new content to boost your site’s visibility.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Michelle Rogers

    So true, there is so much you can do with a blog. When I was just starting mine, I wasn’t sure of what my “voice” should be online. It’s easy to get stuck on things like that. Fortunately, one of the first things I did was go to a BlogHer conference — where the message I heard, over and over, from others was,
    “Be authentic!” Yes, be yourself — you can do that with blogging, and if nothing else, that is a great reason to blog. It’s YOU and your space!

  5. Lauren

    I agree with all of this! Blogging has helped me find the things I enjoy doing, beyond work and mom life. It is my own little place just for me! It has also opened up many doors and opportunities for me since I have connected with so many awesome people!

  6. Katy

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you share so many different reasons for blogging than the usual “I make tons of money and I’m my own boss” schick. There are extremely varied reasons for blogging and following a passion, whatever it might be, it such a great motivator!

    The main issue for most people, IMHO, is sticking with it and I’m surely no exception. Rome wasn’t built in a night and neither is a following!


  7. Willow

    Starting my blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it keeps me accountable and disciplined. I wouldn’t have come up with all the recipes that I have if I hadn’t started my blog. The number one thing for me is to make sure I take time off from it.

  8. Connie

    that last one is why I blog. I started volunteering at my local animal shelter in 97 and started fostering kittens in 02. it hurts to see that so many people think cats are throw away animals when I and so many people dedicate so much of our lives to them. If I can make just one person open up their eyes, my 14 years of blogging will be worth it

  9. Dia

    Thats beautiful! I wish you could meet my old coworker, Ironically also named Connie lol she and her husband go above and beyond to help animals.

  10. Dia

    Yes balance is so important Willow.

  11. Dia

    Haha I couldn’t agree more. For me putting the money in and buying a domain instead of just using a free service was big reason i stuck with it.

  12. Dia

    I know I met some amazing people virtually and real life because of it.

  13. Dia

    Blogher is life changing. I think all bloggers should go at least once.

  14. Dia

    Thanks Mark 🙂

  15. Dia

    Thank you Linda!

  16. Dia

    Right I started so many before I really dedicated myself to it.

  17. Dia

    Hahah RIGHT!

  18. candy

    Blogging is fun and I have meant so many great people who have been willing to help and answer questions. Great stress relief for me.

  19. Ashley

    Love this! There are so many reasons for starting a blog. I personally love that I have my own space to write about what I want without feeling like I need to please anybody. The best part about that is…I have found so many people that are happy to hear about everything that I have to say!

  20. Kristen

    I love this! Girl, preach! I love blogging, it is such an amazing outlet! Thanks for sharing this!

  21. Clare Speer

    Such a wonderful and inspiring post… I blog and this is great for you to list all the many different reasons to blog no matter what our occupation or background! It is a commitment.. but I am hooked… on blogging! 🙂

  22. Angie

    These are all fabulous reasons to start a blog. My blog really is my safe space, my virtual therapy, and so much more!

  23. Emily

    Aw I love this! Blogging is so amazing because it gives ANYONE a voice.

  24. Chrystie

    This advice is so true! There are so many people that can benefit from a blog, but they either don’t know it yet..or they are intimidated by it!

  25. Jenny

    Blogging has been such an amazing journey for me and I am so happy to have found it. Great post, Dia.

    xoxo, Jenny

  26. Jenn Slavich

    Well said Dia. This is exactly why I started blogging. I haven’t been happier. I don’t think I have worked harder either…LOL Love the post like usual! Thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to read your next one 🙂

  27. Kim S

    Great points made about actually putting your words/actions into a blog especially if you’re passionate about something!

  28. Laci

    Yes !! Love this and the support sometimes it takes a little push.

  29. Tracy

    Great inspiration! Aside from BlogHer, wondering have you been to another Blogging conference or gathering that you might recommend? I’m hopeful to attend one, BlogHer looks great, just bigger than what I might want to start with.

  30. Dia

    It’s the first one I’ve been to but I’m going back this year. There are tons of other ones you should check out!

  31. Dia

    I’m so glad you liked it Laci!

  32. Dia

    Right the only person stopping you is you!

  33. Dia

    Thank you Jenny!

  34. Dia

    You constantly make my day Jenn!

  35. Dia

    Right and as I say all the time “Little by little becomes a lot” just do what you can!

  36. Dia

    So many people take for granted their freedom of speech!

  37. Dia

    I love your blog Angie and that really shows how therapeutic it is for you.

  38. Dia

    Right once you start and really get into it, you fall in love.

  39. Dia

    Thanks Kristen 🙂

  40. Dia

    It really is amazing!

  41. Dia

    Right! I’ve made so many wonderful friends.

  42. Liz Mays

    It’s so true that it makes a great landing page for so many avenues in life. It’s great that way!

  43. Jessica

    Starting my blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!!! I think everyone should blog – now if I could only get my husband to start a blog……

  44. Lezley

    This was an awesome post. I started blogging for some of these very reasons! I love writing but wasn’t writing for myself, I wanted to start my own business, and I wanted my voice and stories to be heard. Love this post!

  45. Leslie

    Here are great! I wish I could go to a blogher event, I think it would be amazing. Your right, if your not going to do it for yourself you can help someone else do it for themselves.

  46. Mistle

    Dia I love this!!! How inspiring! I agree that starting a blog really does open up other doors for you like the things you mentioned. Being a blogger gives you a voice to be heard by sharing your opinions, experiences, etc.

  47. Emily

    Love this post! So inspiring. You list some great reasons to get into blogging.

  48. Brittany

    I started my blog to have a hobby and outlet as a stay at home mom, now it has turned into a platform and business. I love blogging!

  49. Paola

    That is a great post! I agree with you so much, I love blogging!

  50. alison

    I love how you reach out to those who have a creative outlet and help them to show it off through a blog. If I didn’t already have a blog I would want to start one. It is such a great platform to connect and to build with other people on your specific talents. Love this!

  51. Logan

    I love this and agree 100%! Blogging has brought me so much joy and even a supplement income doing what I love that started out as a fun hobby! I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  52. Dia

    I know what you mean Logan! It’s something enjoyable that pays and gets me free stuff!

  53. Dia

    Right even if you aren’t a “Writer” blogging can benefit you.

  54. Dia

    Lol long nights by the fire both typing away.

  55. Five Marigolds

    I loved this post because it focuses on doing what you love first and foremost. So many seem to go straight to how blogging can become an instant career, but if you’re not starting where your voice and passion is – what will success really mean?

  56. Dia

    It really is a great thing anyone can do!

  57. Dia

    Blogher was amazing. I decided to go at the last minute. If you plan ahead it’s totally doable.

  58. Dia

    Thanks Mistle!

  59. Dia

    Right I wanted others who may be considering that it is totally worth it.

  60. Dia

    That is truely amazing!

  61. Dia

    That’s amazing Kelly!

  62. Dia

    Thank you so much Alison!

  63. Dia

    Thanks Paola

  64. Dia

    Work! Lol and blogging is to much work to just do it to make money.

  65. DANI CC

    So inspirational! I love, love, love blogging!

  66. GiGi

    I started blogging because I was told by “the industry” (in LA) that I needed a platform so people could get to know my personality – That was 4 years ago. And boom. Here my blog is today and I don’t think I would be who I am right now without it!! My blog needs me and I need it! LOL!

  67. Reginia Cordell

    Excellent post Dia.

    Blogging has offered and given me so many opportunities to meet people, and their content, that may have been previously off my radar. I am in agreement that blogging is an avenue to other fruitful opportunities.

  68. Dia

    Thank you Dani!

  69. Dia

    Haha amazing Gigi. It’s so crazy no matter the reasons behind it almost everyone ends up falling in love once they start.

  70. Dia

    Thank you so much Regina. It has really changed my life.

  71. Ana

    Hi Dia,

    Nice post for motivating people to blog!

    I blog because this is my small space in the world of internet where I can live my dreams, raise my voice and write about things that I love!

  72. Anosa

    Amazing post and so true, instead of waiting for someone to set the stage go set it your set and stand on it.

  73. Elizabeth O

    Blogging is definitely a terrific, creative outlet that can offer so many opportunities for growth. How we choose to use it is entirely up to us. 🙂

  74. Dia

    I love that! Thanks for stopping by.

  75. Dia

    Exactly! Just make it happen.

  76. Dia

    Right it’s like, just do it!

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