Making it Happen For Yourself Why You Should Blog

Making It Happen For Yourself. Why You Should Blog

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Everyone has a dream even if they’ve long let it go.

Sometimes life happens, change happens and our dreams get left on the back burner.

I’m not claiming to have it all figured out or mastered. Hell, it’s 7:40 on Sunday night and I’m just now writing the post for tomorrow. In my defense, I’ve been making notes randomly throughout the week since this topic came to me but things came up this weekend and while it was busy and is the reason I’m working slightly later than I typically would like to on a Sunday night, I had a nice weekend.

About a month ago I shared the detailed story of how and  I started my blog with my email subscribers. The short version, I got called out and inspired. I kept talking about how I loved writing but never wrote for myself. Then I realized the commercial real estate company I worked for wasn’t going to ask me to write a comical piece about the 12 Guys You Meet Online Dating, they weren’t going to ask me to document My Month Without Facebook, so I needed to make my own stage. I needed to make my own platform.

I think the best example of this I heard at Blogher 15. Deva Dalporto from My Life Suckers was accepting her award and she was talking about how she had always wanted to be an actress but it never happened, “No one was going to cast me in a movie, so I started making my own.”

So that brings me to reason number one you should start a blog….

So you have a platform

I know this may seem like the day and age of way too many platforms (gotta love social media) but what about a space all your own to really share your experience, knowledge, thoughts, and opinions?

Blogging is a great way to work through your own emotions. Sometimes you just need to put it out there. Personal, anonymous, business or whatever.  Blogging lets you share your words.

It doesn’t have to be like other blogs. Fit it to your needs and goals.

Author who keeps getting rejection letters from publishing houses?

Start a blog!

Publish one chapter a week and charge a dollar for every 4th chapter or charge $8 for the final chapter (they will be hooked by then).

Poet who is sick of online contests and entry fees?

Start a blog!

Share your poems then compile a book of poetry with the published content and unpublished content.

Business Owner trying to show your expertise and get more clients?

Start a blog!

Share industry insights and predictions. I love when I go on a business website and they have a blog with relevant/helpful information. Chances are depending on the type of business you have people aren’t going to just visit your website to look at products on a regular basis but if you have a newsletter/blog it gives people a reason to visit more often and ultimately buy more.

Web Hosting

Comic sick of open mic nights?

Start a Blog or a  Vlog!

Start writing your funny anecdotes and publish them. Or if you hate the technical side of writing make videos. Start a YouTube Channel and go for it. Tons of people have made a living from YouTube. Have you seen the Forbes list of top YouTube earners?

One of my favorite YouTubers Lily Sighn made $2.5 million in 2015 and she was only #8 on the list.

Want to start a charity or make a difference in a cause that means a lot to you?

Start a blog!

This gives you a chance to connect with and recruit other supports. There is power in numbers. I met Elizabeth Blackney last July and she changed me life sharing the story of being held hostage and gang-raped for days at the tender age of 17! (Read her story here) She now works with the Panzi foundation , helping other victims of abuse in the Dominican Republic of Congo by raising awareness and providing funding for the Panzi Hospital.

We live in an awesome time where you can share your opinions and create your own opportunities.

Whatever it is you want to do, that you feel like you can’t blogging can help you get there. Just ask yourself how.

I’ve spent years reading websites like She Knows, XO Jane and Hello Giggles, two years ago I would’ve never imaged that I would be writing for them, much less getting paid to share my stories.


So regardless of your goal you should start a blog. If you have questions or a goal and aren’t sure how blogging might help you reach it, drop a comment below and I’ll respond with some ideas. 🙂


Now a video from the lovely Deva for a good laugh:


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