May 2016 Goals

May 2016 Goals

So as soon as it came, April left. You know what? Good riddance, between the 3 hail storms my poor car Stella has had to face in the past 2 weeks and this somewhat consistent never ending runny nose, I’m ready for brighter days. I had a fun month but it was crazy. My best friend finally got married and another one of my best friends had her first child, so lots of love and happiness but also lots of work had to be done. I’m happy to say the wedding was a hit. The bride looked beautiful and I clean up rather nicely myself.


I also have been learning more at my new job. As far as blogging goes it was amazing to finally release my resource library!

So as always before jumping into the new goals, let’s review the old goals.

April Goals

Personal Goals

  • Read one book. Ideally, it will be the new copy of Girl Boss my little sent me or Year of Yes.

This month was so crazy with my best friends wedding and releasing my Resource Library. I am about 1/3 done with Girl Boss and so far am loving it! I have also been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. I’ll be sure to share my favorites with you soon.

  • Build a better schedule. I feel like I’ve been running around too much or laying around. Between the new job schedule, time change, working at the old job still and blogging I just feel like I’m going 1,000 miles an hour or just crashing and burning out.

At some point just writing the goal helped me start putting things into focus. Writing down these larger goals and just figuring out what needed to be done and what could realistically be done within certain time points. I am feeling a lot less burnt out lately. I mean sure, I’m always busy but it’s all about balance and setting attainable goals.

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Have 290 Facebook page likes

297! This fluctuated a bit and I’m still trying to figure out how to get good followers and really connect with them on Facebook.

  • Have 1500 Twitter Followers

1577! If you follow me on Twitter first I just have to say, Thank you so much! I am floored by over a 150 follower increase during the month of April.

  • Have 400 Instagram Followers

451! I am so in love with Instagram so I am so glad I’m making more connections on this platform. I really hope participating in The Blog Life May challenge will help me increase my reach and interaction even more. 

  • Have 460 Pinterest Followers

487. I have been really focusing on creating the best pins I can and trying to repin valuable pins within my niche. 

  • Post twice a week.


  • Publish 2 posts on other sites.

I didn’t meet this goal. But I do have two guest posts coming up on other sites in May, so yay! I also have some stuff in the works for a few contributor sites. 

  • Finish Webinar and e-course

I decided to refocus my direction and work on resource library first. I got that out and now want to focus on one thing at a time. I decided that trying to do content upgrades, podcasts, a webinar and an e-course was just stressing me out. I’ve decided that next I want to work on an e-course or social media challenge to continue to grow my email list before I present my first digital product. 

  • Pick out the editing program I’d like to use for my podcast.

I have selected the platform and programs I want to use. That being said (or typed I guess 🙂 ) I am putting the podcast off until fall.

  • Continue taking the Email-Surge Course I’m taking from The Nectar Collective

So much valuable information. I am still in the process of taking it but I’m not done.  I’m really trying to soak it in and learn as much as possible.

  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.

This has helped my engagement significantly. Just taking half an hour on social media to chat with people and talk has really helped me feel more connected with my online community.

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 6,000 steps a day

I did really good on this most days. I even had a few days where I got the full recommended 10,000. The funny thing is it wasn’t done absentmindedly, oh no, it was pacing in a restaurant bathroom at 11:50 p.m., doing laps around my coffee table while watching Faking It, walking in circles around the counter at a friends house during a Spurs playoff party.

  • Track all my meals

It’s funny what motivation money can provide. As of May 1st I have reached 62 days of consistently logging my meals on MyFitnessPal . 

  • Stick to stage one of the South Beach diet Monday- Wednesday

No, I haven’t. I really plan to get back on track! I did good for about 2 weeks and even lost about 7 pounds cutting out bread, alcohol, and sugar but haven’t been doing great.

  • Scheduled my follow up breast exam.

My health insurance has changed with the job changes and I haven’t gotten this done. Now since it is May 1st I have everything settled so I may just go ahead and do my annual physicals early.

  • Schedule that massage.

I did it. Sadly the place I go is so busy that I wasn’t able to get an appointment till June 4th! Yes, I literally had to schedule an appointment 2 months out.

May Goals

Personal Goals

  • Finish reading Girl Boss.
  • Get the estimate for the hail damage on my car.
  • Build a specific budget.

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Have 305 Facebook page likes
  • Have 1625 Twitter Followers
  • Have 475 Instagram Followers
  • Have 500 Pinterest Followers
  • Increase my email list by 10 people
  • Create at least one new Resource for my Resource Library
  • Post twice a week.
  • Publish 2 posts on other sites.
  • Finish at least one project. Preferably my Instagram challenge or my e-course and be able to roll it out in June.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 6,500 steps a day
  • Track all my meals
  • Stick to stage one of the South Beach diet Monday- Wednesday.
  • Finally, sign up for my free membership at the Y and try to go to one glass a week.

My month goals haven’t changed too much mostly because I’ve found a path that works for me right now and isn’t that the whole purpose of setting goals, accomplishing them and finding a way that helps you do so. I have a lot momentum right now in my life and business and I plan to just ride that to do more.

What are your goals for the month? Share below.



  1. Cori

    Congrats on your goals! I know what you mean about reading. This past weekend I finally got to sit down, read, and finish my 3rd book for the year. Yes, you read that right. Because of the class I was taking, and my wacky work schedule, I haven’t been doing much pleasure reading. That’s gonna change now!

  2. Logan

    These are wonderful goals! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments in April! You rocked it!

  3. Dia

    That’s still good. My goal is one a month. I figure I’m getting a good amount of new content in my brain between blogs and podcasts lol

  4. Dia

    Thanks Logan 🙂

  5. Beth

    It sounds like you’ve done a great job of setting goals and surpassing them! Congratulations!

  6. Samantha

    I’m with you- totally over this spring thing. Bring on summer! I keep reading about Girl Boss everywhere, I guess I need to go find my own copy now and finally read it! Have a happy May!

  7. Emily

    Your goals this month seem challenging yet doable all at once, you go girl! You are inspiring me to want to write and share my goals to help me stay accountable!

  8. Emily

    You both looked so beautiful at her wedding!! I need to start writing out my goals like you! We need to schedule that phone chat 🙂

  9. Cara

    Congrats on all the accomplishments, and good luck with your goals! I think FB is probably the most difficult of all the social media to get a good hold on. It’s definitely my struggle out of all the outlets.

  10. Jenny

    You’re making great progress on your goals!

  11. Starr @ Starrhealthyself

    Great goals for May! You are so organized, and I bet you have a plan of action to achieve each of your goals!

  12. Dia

    Thanks Beth 🙂

  13. Dia

    I am loving it so far! Happy May!

  14. Dia

    You should really helps me stay focused. Have a great month Emily!

  15. Dia

    Thank you and yes I am emailing you as soon as I finish responding to comments 🙂

  16. Dia

    Yeah and the rules keep changing and I don’t want to mess any of that up!

  17. Dia

    Haha I do. I’m a bit of a nerd that way.

  18. Dia

    Thanks. I’ve started it but haven’t finished yet. I hear great things.

  19. Dia

    Thanks Jenny.

  20. Bree Hogan

    I love how focused and accountable you are towards your goals, Dia. It’s the only way to be when we want to get stuff done that is important to us. Awesome work!

  21. mytrendylifestyle

    I love this kind of articles! This is very inspiring i need to do one 🙂
    Anyway, i hope you’ll do all of this by the end of the month! 🙂


  22. Katie

    You have some great goals there, girl, you can totally do it!!

    “Girl Boss” is on my to-read list, but I read “Year of Yes” the other month and it is SO GOOD! You will absolutely love it!

  23. Lauren

    Sounds like you are doing great! I would love to know what podcasts you like since I am always looking for good ones! I am obsessed with fitness pal! 😉

  24. GiGi Eats

    If I don’t already follow you on SM, I will do so now, but I really think I already do!! Wanna help you accomplish some of your goals 🙂

  25. Christine

    Your goals are great. I love reading them, they are so motivating to me. I plan to build a better schedule, meal plan more, track my meals and workout everyday in May.

  26. Marette

    I’m sorry about the hail damage to your car; that’s terrible!

    It’s awesome you’ve been able to grow your following so much in just one month! Good luck with your May goals!

  27. linda

    Great goals! I hope you reach every single one!

  28. Jenn

    Wow, April was a busy month for you! Sorry to hear about your car 🙁 hope you are able to get her all fixed up soon. Sounds like you totally crushed your goals. Great job!! Hope May is an awesome month for you as well. Keep it up, you rock!!!

  29. Amy Scott

    Your post on your March goals really inspired me to make a bunch of social media following goals for April and I surpassed them all so TY! So glad you achieved yours too. I’m also trying to read a couple books per month but still pushing through one I’m so busy! Happy May and go get ’em! 🙂

  30. Paola

    Well done in your achievements!!!
    I also use myfitnesspal, I would love to have a fitbit to complement… hahaha

  31. Brandie

    I wish you all the best! It seems like a long list of goals. I should write mine down and see what they look like. Maybe I won’t feel so overwhelmed. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  32. Molly Kumar

    What a great post, loved reading about your goals especially the Health n fitness. All the best with all of them 🙂

  33. Amrita

    Excellent that you are able to meet your goals

  34. Amrita

    I really loved reading through all the different goals in different months

  35. Shann Eva

    You did great with your goals in April, especially related to the blog. Congrats on all the growth! May looks like it’s going to be great. I belong to the Y, and I love it. ps. You both look beautiful in the wedding picture!

  36. Angie

    I think you are totally going to accomplish your goals this month! Good luck!

    If you want, we do a monthly goals linky you can join. 🙂 It’s live on my blog from Sunday.

  37. Danielle Greco

    Awesome job! I feel like that is a ton of steps, but Idk what the average is! Keep up the great work 🙂 . And congrats on acheiving some goals you have set, that’s always a great feeling.

  38. Pamela

    Oh my, I started to have heart palpitations just reading your goals! I love how focused you are and bookmarked the post to come back and study some more. You are certainly on the way to success.

  39. Jessica

    You rocked April! Congrats-job well done!

  40. Lindsey

    Love your goals. I know you will rock them. I have had to take a step back and focus on one thing at a time too. I stressed myself out and caused total paralysis and nothing I wanted got done! I have started using Asana to record all my tasks and prioritize them. It has been so helpful.

  41. ashley lee

    Great goals! <3 I am trying to grow my Instagram and Twitter following right now.
    Girl Boss has been on my to read list forever now!

  42. Jenny

    Congrats on your goals, girl! I am sure that May will be even better for you. Love all of your blogging related goals.

    xoxo, Jenny

  43. Warren @ Blog to Taste

    I really want to read Year of Yes because Shonda is my fav! She literally kills me every week. 🙂 Hopefully when I only have one class this summer I can sneak in some reading time. Congrats on the Twitter followers! I just followed you and you are *this* close to 1600. Good luck on your goals in May!!

  44. Glenda

    Congratulations on achieving your goals last month! By the way blue looks amazing on you. 🙂

  45. Jasmine Watts

    Congrats on all the accomplishments and it seems like challenging goals for this month too!! Good luck with your goals!!

  46. Dia

    Thanks Warren I’ll make sure I follow back 🙂 Yeah I cry at least once in every episode of Greys lol

  47. Dia

    Thanks Jenny!

  48. Dia

    I need to make more time to read because it is very empowering.

  49. Dia

    Thank you so much Jasmine 🙂

  50. Dia

    Thank you so much! Have a wonderful May!

  51. Dia

    Thanks Jessica!

  52. Dia

    Thanks Pamela. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  53. Dia

    Most people aim for 10,000 but I realized when I got my fitness band that without making a point to try I only get about 3500, which is not good. With my weight I can burn about an extra 40 calories per 1,000 steps.

  54. Dia

    Thanks Amrita 🙂

  55. Dia

    Thanks so much Shann Eva. I have a gym at my complex but I’d love to have access to classes.

  56. Dia

    Thanks Molly!

  57. Dia

    I haven’t heard of that, I don’t think. I’ll check it out.

  58. Dia

    Thanks Kari!

  59. Dia

    When I write them out I can mark them off. It helps me feel like I’m actually getting somewhere.

  60. Dia

    You too, Amy! I just don’t make the time, everything else always seems so important.

  61. Dia

    I use a Garmin it’s a little more affordable and does all the same things.

  62. Dia

    Thanks Jenn 🙂 Yeah my poor baby looks so beat up.

  63. Dia

    Thank you Linda.

  64. Dia

    Thank you Marette. I can’t believe it’s already May. That means the year is almost half over. I have to kick it up a notch.

  65. Dia

    Thats so good it really does help you be more aware and cautious about what you eat, when you know the calories.

  66. Dia

    I think we do follow each other… if not we should I’ll look 🙂

  67. Dia

    I love my fitness pal. I’ll be publishing a list soon of the ones I listen to.

  68. Dia

    Thanks so much Bree. It does keep me on track 🙂

  69. Dia

    I’ve started both but am hoping to knock one of the two out this month.

  70. Dia

    Thanks Safia. Good luck this month.

  71. Dia

    Thanks Angie.I’ll check it out.

  72. Bethany

    These are great goals Dia and remoind me of a few things I need to do for myself also! Specifically a breast exam.

  73. Carol Trimmer

    I love that you set goals and then share your results! My goals are to have more fun this month and workout more.

  74. Christine @ The Mostly Simple Life

    You are so busy!!! But you are doing so well with your goals! Good job! I like how specific your goals are for your blogging. I should work on that.

  75. Dia

    Oh I hope you do start breaking them down it makes a huge difference for me.

  76. Dia

    That should be on everyone’s list!

  77. Dia

    It’s so important. I found a lump a year ago and have to get getting it checked (apparently they have buddies in them).

  78. Dia

    Thanks Jennifer 🙂

  79. Faith

    Fantastic! I really need to set specific, dated, achievable, measurable goals like this for my blog, as well. Congrats on achieving so many of yours!

  80. Dia

    Thanks Faith. I hope you have a great month.

  81. Melanie L.

    Congrats on all your accomplishments! I don’t know too many people who actually sit down and write out their goals for each month, so that alone is impressive 🙂 I may start doing this myself, as I just started “serious blogging” and this would be a great way to keep myself on track.

  82. Dia

    I really hope you do. It just really lets me know where I’m at.

  83. Jennifer L. } Modern Chic

    You’re motivating me to make my own May goals. Congrats on knocking a lot of your April goals out the park. Here is to staying motivated.

  84. Dia

    Thanks Jennifer

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