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May 2017 Goals

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It’s gonna be May! Okay, I couldn’t help it I grew up with N’sync and have seen the meme about 30 times in the past few weeks. But that being said it’s May!!! That means we are almost at the half year mark, oh 2017 where have you gone?  You know I don’t like to waste time so let’s jump straight into this.

April 2017 Goals Recap

Objective: List Building 

Personal Goals

  • Read one book

Read 2! I took a break from all of my inspirational and business books to enjoy some different types of books. I read A Cast-Off Coven Witchcraft Mystery and A Killer Among Us. The first was a fun little murder mystery which I discovered is a part of a series, so I plan to check more of them out. A Killer Among Us was very hard to read it was based on the murder of Elizabeth Decaro a 28-year-old mother of 4 gunned down in her kitchen. The main suspect? Her husband. You follow her sister finding her body to the entire court case. It was hard hearing the words her mother wrote in her journal about missing her daughter and wanting justice to be served. Very compelling story.  

  • Do at least one activity a week for myself that isn’t work related.

I had a crazy busy but amazing and eye opening month. I got two facials. Thank you Origins! I met one of my online besties Brittney from I spend some time with someone very special. I’ve really just had a good month.

  • Do my gratitude/goal journal at least 5 days a week if not 7.

Out of  30 days, I only missed 6 of my gratitude journal. For the most part, it seems I miss this one on Saturdays, which makes sense considering most of the Saturdays in April had me super busy from start to finish. 

Out of 30 days I wrote in my affirmation journal 27 times! This one was easier to maintain because even if I was in a hurry in the morning I was able to do my affirmations at night with my goal journal. By listening to more affirmations while I’m stressed I’ve managed to find some I really like.

  • Keep meditating and visualization

Yes. I’ve been mixing them up and trying new ones. The newest one I’ve been doing when I’m feeling super anxious is called “Fuck It and Let That Shit Go.” You may not be a fan if you don’t like strong language but the intro explains the scientific proof of how curse words can actually help lower stress levels. It’s a slightly humorous way of reminding you not to take life too seriously and to live in the moment sometimes, which is hard as someone who is a big planner.

  • Have a great sister trip (Details pending. We’ve come a long way from Vegas)

Our trip got canceled due to hotel accommodations. I really hope we can reschedule soon. I miss her face.

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Work Launch Your Signature Course!

I am still working on this. For a moment I almost lost sight but Saturday I arranged a meet up for some business owners in my area and it was amazing. Sad face, only one person showed up but on the bright side, I had an amazing conversation with the person who did show up and I realized that I was missing out on a huge opportunity by focusing only online and not in person opportunities. 

  • Have 560 Facebook page likes


  • Have 3350 Twitter Followers


  • Have 1240 Instagram Followers

1,243…. by the hair on my chinny chin chin. I think my Instagram has the best slow organic growth. It’s not by huge leaps and bounds but it is a consistent growth. I’m not just getting random followers but making connections and friends.

  • Have 1030 Pinterest Followers


  • Post at least 4 times this month

This month I posted 4 times including a post for Small Business Bonfire. 

  • Do at least 1 webinar

Nope. I planned on it but then realized it wasn’t the best use of my time. 

  • Do auto versions on relevant posts.

Yas Queen! 


  • Put together my writing portfolio

This literally got completed on the very last day of the month but it still counts! 

  • Publish on another site

Yes! See above.

  • Get most of my blog posts for quarter 2 written or at least outlined.

My content calendar is ready to go! 

Health and Fitness

  • Make meals at home 80% of the time or only eat out 4 times of the week.


  • Go to a gym class at least 8 times this month.

No! Why am I like this???? Let’s try again in May. I did go to my complex gym a few times but I haven’t made it to any classes at my gym. 

  • Lose 5 pounds more pounds

I have officially lost a little over 30 pounds since new years. I haven’t been working out like I should but I have been working hard to eat a healthy balanced diet with portion control.

April took some twists and turns. I got a lot of work done in April and am excited about some new things I plan to launch during the rest of this quarter.

May 2017 Goals

Objective: Launch Web Show! 

I announced this last week to my VIP list but I am officially announcing it to the world that this month I am launching my web show. If you get my weekly updates then you will get a special sneak peak of the channel this week.

Personal Goals

  • Read two books
  • Do at least one activity a week for myself that isn’t work related.
  • Do my gratitude/goal journal at least 5 days a week if not 7.
  • Keep meditating and visualization

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Have 565 Facebook page likes
  • Have 3525 Twitter Followers
  • Have 1255 Instagram Followers
  • Have 1090 Pinterest Followers
  • Post at least 4 times this month
  • Do auto versions on relevant posts.
  • Publish on another site
  • Complete the work for my content series
  • Launch my web show.
  • Go to a live event

Health and Fitness

  • Make meals at home 80% of the time or only eat out 4 times of the week.
  • Go to a gym class at least 8 times this month.
  • Lose 5 pounds more pounds

May is the 5th month of the year meaning that you should really be making some strides in your yearly goals. Before you know it, it will be June then the end of June and then the 2nd half of the year. Every little action you make builds up to equal what your results are for the year. Little wins matter and so do the little things you reject.

So tell me what awesome things did you achomplish in April and what big wins are you trying to win in May?


  1. Erica Wszolek

    Great goals. I am seeing the importance of committing yourself to achieving certain small wins throughout the month. I generally think in big goals, totally underestimating the smaller ones. 🙂

  2. Lola

    i like your goals, especially doing an activity that isn’t work related each week. Sometimes i feel so guilty taking time out to have fun when i know i have so much to do but it really helps!

  3. Emily

    Love that you stay committed to this month after month. It is so easy to push making goals aside and they end up getting neglected and forgotten from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I’m totally guilty of this. So proud of you for making time for this! Thank you for sharing yours!

  4. Audrey Knizek

    I love reading other people’s goals as it inspires me to set my own. Good luck with this months goals and here’s to May!

  5. Julie San

    Good luck on your goals for this month. I really like the goal where you pursue something that’s not related to work. I feel nowadays, for some reason why your hobbies have to be related to work? Some people do it and I’m not sure why. We all wonder why there’s a burnout epidemic. When I told people at work I like hiking and running, people thought I was crazy but a few years later into my job, I feel they’re finally starting to get it.

  6. Brittany Daoud

    This is such a great idea. I love the idea of having small monthly goals to get you to a final yearly end goal. Thanks for sharing, and good luck this month!

  7. Cameron

    Congrats on all your goal accomplishments for last month! Best of luck for May!

  8. Dia

    Thanks Cameron. I hope you have a wonderful month.

  9. Dia

    Thanks Brittany. I do find that I am less overwhelmed when I break them down into bite sized chunks. It’s still a work in progress but I just keep swimming like Nemo lol

  10. Dia

    Oh yeah I love what I do and I love writing but I need more outlets. For me it’s friend time, reading and overly dramatic tv. LOL

  11. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by Audrey. Best of luck in May! 🙂

  12. Dia

    Thank you so much for the sweet message Emily. I don’t know if you set your goals monthly but one thing that helps me stick to them is I take a glance at them when I have my week planning session with myself then I have an alarm set half way throughout the month to see where I am.

  13. Dia

    Yes Lola! Make that time to have fun. Life is too short to not fit some in. 🙂

  14. Dia

    I like the small goals because it gives me the chance to celebrate small wins.

  15. Shannon Paige

    Damn girl you crushed these goals! Congrats on your weight loss, that is HUGE goal!! I have the hardest time with followers lately…I seem to gain a follower and then lose one, so I feel I can never get ahead. I know I need to do more blog outreach/comments so I know that’s part of it. Hmmmm will have to do a little investigating! These are really great goals, though! *

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