Minisode 5 : Word of the Year Check In

This week on Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I’m doing a check-in.  Obviously, we’re past the six-month mark so it’s not really a mid-year check-in. My word of the year was Visibility, and I was sitting there and I was thinking, you know, I have really not been very visible. I’ve not been on social media like I “should”. And then, you know, some days pass. As some of you may know I have a ridiculous amount of sticky notes behind my desk that I look at all the time. And one of them has my work of the year “visibility” on it on a big green sticky note. And I was like, “You know what, more visible than it has ever been.” 


I realized that I had this idea, or I somehow formed this idea after picking this word, that visibility meant I was showing on Instagram Stories every day, I was posting X amount of times on Facebook and then I was doing all of these necessary things that we let ourselves get bogged down with. I haven’t been doing the stuff that I thought would equal visibility but I have been working so hard, and with so many great people and doing so many different things, and I’m more visible than I’ve ever been right now and I just want to point out that sometimes the goals that we had and the things that we set out to do. We can accomplish [goals] without realizing, they will look like they may look completely different than what we originally had assumed that they would look like. In my case it’s not sharing more on social media, it’s not being on everyone’s podcast. It’s coaching in these huge programs that are so near and dear to my heart and getting in front of people and helping people. And just showing up and being visible and trying new things. 


I just wanted to invite you guys to look at either the goal you said at the beginning of the year or the beginning of the quarter or the word that you picked to be a word of the year that maybe you feel like you haven’t really owned up to or you haven’t really been pursuing, and look at it a different way. Look at where you were prior to setting that goal or implementing that change and seeing where you are now and what it actually looks like. I’m all for milestones and metrics, but give yourself some grace, and just see what’s really happening and what’s really important so like now I see that brings up and like, I’m visible. And it’s great and I’m able to do it in a way that feels good. I have taken a lot of time on and off of podcast. I have been so swamped in so many projects and things going on. And I feel like, “Okay, I’m totally not living up to this visibility thing. I brought the podcast back after summer hiatus and then didn’t published the next week. I published one episode and then was like, ‘Oh, well not this week.’”


Your homework for today just look at some of the goals that you’ve set and some of the things you want us to accomplish and see if maybe it’s coming true in a different way and what that means for you and if that’s okay with you. Because for me things don’t look way that I thought I they would be right now, but I’m visible in some better ways. So, you know, if it’s not okay with you if it’s like, “Yeah that’s nice, but that’s really not what I want,” then you know make a plan to revisit that and to go in and see what you can still accomplish because we still have a lot of 2020 left. 

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