Music Review: Melanie Martinez- Dollhouse EP


I may be late to the movement but I say, better late than never. After hearing  Melanie Martinez’s single “Dollhouse” on XM radio twice I knew had to have it in my music collection.
As a religious Droid user I hopped onto Google Play and looked it up. The entire 4 song E.P. was pretty inexpensive so I said, “What the hell” and bought the whole album.

I don’t watch much reality television so I hadn’t gotten the chance to discover her as a member of “Team Adam” on NBC’s The Voice. The 20-year-old singer and song writer is amazing!

Here is a track by track review:


This catchy single tells the story of the perfect family behind the closed doors of their “Dollhouse.”

With lyrics like, “Mom please wake up, Dads with a slut” and “Smile for the picture, pose with your brother, won’t you be a good sister”,  you feel pain of this girl in a picture perfect family that isn’t so perfect.



I dare you to not let this song get stuck in your head.  The story we’ve all probably faced at some point, no matter how much you want them to, some people just can’t commit to you the way you want. You seem to just be going in circles with this person but never really getting anywhere “Round and round like a horse on a carousel we go, will I catch up to love I can never tell.” Where was this song during college?? I can name 2 guys I would have loved to play it for.

Dead to Me

Holy Relationship Drama Batman! How can anyone not relate to this one? Dead to me tells the story of how when a relationship ends badly sometimes you have to cut all ties and the person has to be dead to you, so you can forget them. It shows how your eyes really open when  that trust has been broken, “I used to say I’m sorry, for all of the stupid shit you’ve done. But now I’m really sorry for being the apologetic one….”


Bittersweet Tragedy 

Remember when you first met your ex. All the sweet things he or she did and said? How being around them gave you a natural sugar high? Then remember when the sweet honey like words turned to venom? Bittersweet tragedy sums up the moment you decided enough was enough. “Your sugar rots my teeth,clogs up my arteries”

While the songs cover relate-able adult topics, Martinez’s sweet voice, playful beats and candy carousel themes bring a child like feeling to the songs in a good way. Check her out, you won’t be sorry.



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