Music You’ve Been Missing- Devin K

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Have you ever heard a song or a voice you just wanted to share with everyone? I had one of those moments this morning. I normally reserve reviews for Fridays but when I came across Devin K I needed to share!
I was checking my twitter account and looking at new followers. I’m not the type of person who gives follows for follows, I typically add other bloggers, people I personally know and artists I admire. I randomly get followed by artists from time to time and I always check out their music and website. When I clicked the link to Devin K’s website and the sexy sultry sounds of Move came on, I put the television on mute and paid attention.
I could ramble on about his Robin Thicke like voice and romantic lyrics but the song speaks for itself. I am shamelessly supporting a artist I heard for the first time today because he is that good!
Check him out….seriously…. like right now…push play!

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