My 2015 Holiday Wish List Plus a Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I know it’s Halloween but I am gearing up for my Christmas series and am very excited. I’ve been asking everyone what they want for Christmas and it didn’t occur to me that I didn’t know what I wanted until my sister called me, like she does each year, to ask what I wanted. After considering it came up with a list of things I love to have.

Why Not Me

Why Not Me 2
I love Mindy Kaling, she’s witty, brilliant and a total boss! Need I say more?


Hamilton Beach

My blender is broken 🙁 and plus I love the look of this black sleek blender from Hamilton Beach. I can make my green smoothies, salad dressings and margaritas.

Shoe rack

Shoe rack

One of those things that I really want but can never bring myself to buy.

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch perfect 2

You don’t’ want Pitch Perfect 2 on DVD? Acca scuse me?

Water bottle
Water bottle

I always have 3 things with me: my cell phone, chapstick and a water bottle I love flavored water. This is a wish list must have!

Modern Romance
modern romance

I love Aziz so much. When I listened to the sample on Amazon I loved it. Aziz says all the things we want to say but aren’t saying about how hard it is dating in this age of technology and instant gratification.

Michael Kors Bag


Not to go all sob story but the Michael Kors bag my sister got me was stolen when my apartment got broken into and I really want another one.

Aroma Therapy Humidifier

I have a lot of anxiety issues and one of the least invasive ways I’ve found to help me is essential oils. My favorites are orange and lemon, the citrus has wonderful calming properties. Since my humidifier died on my I’ve had to resort to sniffing out of the bottle or putting a few drops on a napkin to sniff. This one has a sleek look and won’t take up a lot of space.

Roku TV

roku tv

I love my Roku 3  and because I am still in the stone ages with my old school bedroom T.V. I think that the Roku T.V. would be the perfect upgrade. The idea of having one remote for everything and all my apps right on the television with no separate device or need for another outlet would make me great.

Sony DSC Camera

Sony Camera

Things we lost in the break-in part 2…. I’ve always loved taking pictures and I don’t mean selfies but actual photos on a real camera, not a smart phone. Along with my Michael Kors bag (and a lot of other stuff), my camera was stolen. I would love a new camera to take photos and videos for the blog.


Now the fun part!

I am hosting a giveaway for a $15.00 Amazon gift card because, who doesn’t love gift cards? And who doesn’t love Amazon?

Important: If you are entering the giveaway make sure you are leaving a comment about something on your wishlist in order to qualify for the giveaway, don’t just reference my list. Please name an item.

There are a few ways to enter so feel free to do them all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What are some things you want for Christmas? Answering below entitles you to one entry.   Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for more information on them click here


  1. Harlynn

    That aroma therapy humidifier has my heart! Glad to have come across your blog giveaway!

    – Harlynn

  2. NickiH3

    I want my own personal computer/laptop so I can start my own blog!

  3. Dia

    What do you want to blog about?

  4. Dia

    I’m glad you did too. Thanks for stopping by

  5. chelsea amanda

    I want a carpet cleaner. we have two 16 week old puppies and no carpet cleaner 🙁

  6. Dia

    Oh no I’ve been there.

  7. Diana C

    A kate spade bag. Someone stole mine right from the door as it was delivered. 🙁

  8. Dia

    Ugh people are so horrible sometimes! I hope you get one 🙂

  9. Susan Christy

    I got a microfleece throw last year and it was so warm and comfy, but my dog decided it was her blanket, so I need another!

  10. Dia

    That’s too cute! I have a black one and I love it! That would be a great gift 🙂

  11. Roxy

    Gosh, I’ve been so worried about what I’m going to get everyone else I haven’t even stopped to think about what I want. I’ve really been feigning for an over-sized bath robe, a Louis Vuitton never full, a pair of a huarache sneakers, and I’d LOVE a beginners blogging course!


  12. Kristin

    I’m hoping for a new set of headphones.

    BTW I have the infused water bottle you mentioned above, LOVE IT!

  13. Samantha

    I love the books you’ve included, those are all on my list too!

  14. Dia

    Nice list. I don’t know if you’ve heard of The Nectar Colleective but Melyssa Griffin is amazing! She has articles about everything and also e-courses and worksheets for subscribers.

  15. Dia

    Thanks for sharing what you want for Christmas. I am glad to hear you like the water bottle. I shamelessly sent this blog post to my sister in hopes of her getting me something from it.

  16. Dia

    So we have similar tastes cool. Right now I’m reading Sounds Like Me by Sara Bareilles

  17. Jessica Birgeneau

    The Canon Rebel is my only Christmas wish this year! Hopefully I’ve been good enough 🙂

  18. Dia

    I looked into it, looks like a cool camera!

  19. Kelly D

    I would like a new laptop for Christmas.

  20. Ashleigh

    This is a great list! It is very similar to mine lol! Thank you for the giveaway!

  21. Amy

    My blender is broken too! I should put one on my Christmas list too, but I hate putting practical things on my list.

  22. Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim

    I’d love to get the humidifier. That sounds really cool. (hehe get it>?)

  23. Dia

    What is on your list?

  24. Dia

    Lol nice!

  25. Laura

    We’d love a new humidifier!

  26. Bailey Dexter

    Believe in or not, On the top on my Christmas list is a nice ironing board! So tired of have to hear noises every time I open it as well as seeing the pattern of the board on my clothes!

  27. Dia

    We used to get so annoyed because my mom would ask for practical things for Christmas (one year she asked for a spatula…a certain kind but nonetheless a spatula) as an adult however I totally understand. You don’t just want stuff to say you have it sometimes it’s just nice to get a gift that is useful. I hope you get one 🙂

  28. Dia

    I should really consider getting a bigger more medically purposed humidifer like my old one because I get really bad allergies and sinus infections during the end of winter start of spring but this one is so adorable.

  29. Katy Glynn

    I am dying for one of those super cheesy pool floats shaped like a flamingo! I also would love a Michael Kors crossbody bag! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  30. Dia

    That is a pretty easy request! I hope you get it!

  31. Ashley C

    I want a pair of Tieks!


  32. Melissa L.

    I would love a Blendtec blender for Christmas. But it’s so expensive! LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Kristen

    I want a cruiser bike and a Canon DSLR.

  34. Kate F.

    I would love a new pair of boots for Christmas.

  35. Lisa Brown

    I would like a stand mixer of some kind.

  36. Michelle J.

    I’d love some clean romances!

  37. Amanda Whitley

    i am hoping for a new laptop.

  38. Angie Bailey

    I would love a new handbag for Christmas and anything Origami Owl.

  39. Gummy

    want quadcopter this Xmas

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