My 2020 Word of The Year and 20 for 2020

In the season 3 premiere of Creatives Crushing Anxiety,  I share my 2020 word of the year. I even take my plans deeper with 20 things I want to embody and practice in 2020. This was such an exciting episode to record as I know big things are coming in 2020. I haven’t even shared all the things in the pipeline. I will be rolling more out as the time fits but just know 2020 I’m stepping up. I am also focusing on 2020 being the year of no burnout. I have done so much work to create boundaries and give myself grace in my life so this year I’m focusing on working smarter and 

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20 for 2020

  1. Radical self-love 
  2. Downtime
  3. Family time
  4. Love
  5. Leave the country 
  6. Taxes 
  7. Journal on the beach
  8. Workout
  9. More friend time
  10. More adventure 
  11. More development 
  12. More visibility 
  13. Radical Joy
  14. Boy bye to toxic friendships 
  15. No more self-shame or guilt 
  16. Boundaries 
  17. New things – food
  18. Books on books on books 
  19. More biz connecting
  20. Getting my expert on 

Mentioned in this episode: 

Behind The Scenes With A Behind The Scener 

Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification created by my friend, formal client and now coach Lexi D’Angelo. 

Fitness Tracker 


Additionally here is a list of some of the Audible books I listened to in 2017 (I’ll do an updated list in the future). You can also see my top picks here under Books For Mindset and Business

Revel with Natalie McNeil Transformational Embodiment Method™ Certification I’m doing.


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