2015-2016 Networks Trailer’s

We’ve discussed the shows I excited to see return, now lets talk about the shows that have yet to start. Here are my honest reactions and predictions for next season’s new shows based on their trailers.  (Sidebar: I’m not describing the plot of the shows…that’s what the trailers are for, watch them.) 


The Catch (ABC)

Things I Think: Damn Shondra has done it again! I can’t wait for the twists and drama  in the lives of really attractive people. Not to mention as a huge One Tree Hill  and Dexter fan I can’t wait to have Bethany Joy  Lenz on my television on a regular basis. Before publishing this article Bethany Joy Lenz announced that her role would be recast.  Read her statement here.

Things I Predict: This show will be a hit just like all of Shondra’s Shows.


The Grinder (FOX)

Things I Think: Rob Lowe is like wine, he gets better with age . ( Look at this adorable 1986 Throwback)

Photo From About Last Night
Photo From About Last Night

It looks hilarious and cute. Perfect role for LOWE. You’ll enjoy his confident character, especially if you liked him as the charismatic Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation.  I am also excited to see Lowe and Mr. Wonder Years himself, Fred Savage, play off of each other.

Things I Predict: This show could go either way. Comedies (outside of ABC) haven’t had the longest shelf life lately.

Wicked City (ABC)


Things I Think: Damn! This looks so good. Chuck Bass may be a family man in Manhattan now but Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) is taking the darkness to a new level in this role. I can’t wait for this cryptic show to start.

Things I Predict: Perhaps I’m bias but I can see this show doing very well. Audiences love knowing who the bad guy is and watching as the good guys try to figure it out. I don’t know what kind of longevity a series like this can have but hey, Dexter lasted 8 seasons.

Scream Queens (FOX)

Things I Think: I would name the actors and actresses starring in this but I would pretty much be name dropping. This show  looks like a remake of American Horror Story Coven (considering it is from the same creator, not such a shocker). The only thing that I’m not crazy about is its placement on Fox instead of FX (part of the Fox umbrella and home to American Horror Story), I worry the show will lack kick and edge being on a major network versus paid cable.

Things I Predict: This show will be a hit if only because of it’s all-star cast and notable creators.


Uncle Buck (ABC)

Things I Think: This looks like it will get old fast! I like the concept of an Uncle Buck modern remake but there is a reason the original was a movie and not a show.  I assume we are in for a never-ending cycle of over exaggerated antics, watching Mike Epps’ Uncle Buck rise to the occasion only to revert to the same habits the following week.

Things I Predict: This show will not live long.



The Real O’Neals (ABC)


Things I Think: Well ABC finds a formula and sticks to it, that’s for damn sure. Go ahead and add it to the line up of family based comedies on Wednesday night. It looks funny just over done at this point. Is ABC going to make a show about every single variety of family?

Things I Predict: While it seems busy it fits the formula that seems to be working for ABC, I can see it sticking around for a while.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)


Things I Think: Horrible title! We all know even a great show can be ruined by a bad title (R.I.P Selfie) and this definitely does not look like a great show. My inner theater kid was intrigued by the singing but other than that not much else. Btw…. aren’t we suppose to stop calling women crazy.

Gif From Mean Girls
Gif From Mean Girls


Things I Predict:  This musical adult version of Felicity (who moves for a guy who you aren’t even involved with…seriously?) will flop.


People Are Talking (NBC) Truth Be Told

Things I Think: I want to like this! Mark Paul Gossler (Saved By The Bell, Weeds and a bunch of stuff I haven’t watched), Tone Bell (Whitney, Bad Judge. Clearly NBC is a fan) and potentially Meaghan Rath (New Girl, Secrets and Lies), if her role as Gossler’s onscreen wife isn’t recast due to scheduling conflicts, promises a great cast but the trailer leaves you wondering… what is the show’s main focus? “We’re married, we have a kid… let’s try to stay cool?

Things I Predict: This may be the ship to turn NBC’s Comedy lineup around or it may only last a season. I need to at least see a full episode to make a real prediction.

October 22 Update: Prior to the it’s October 16th premiere NBC changed the series name from People Are Talking to Truth Be Told


Grandfathered (FOX)


Things I Think: I would watch John Stamos watch paint dry for half an hour so this is a treat for me. Fox has once again created the perfect role for a household name (Lowe in the Ginder). Joshua Peak as Stamos’ long lost son is too perfect. Peak has repeatedly shown  us that he has come a long way from his Nickelodeon days as on Drake and Josh.

Things I Predict: If Full House taught us anything people love watching a hot guy play with a cute baby. “Have Mercy” FOX , I think you have a hit!

Heartbreaker (NBC)


Things I Think: Oh yay! Another hospital show with a tough as nails female doctor at the helm. This show is basically what a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off with Christina Yang  would have looked like.  It does seem intense and fast-moving like all medical shows.

Things I Predict: Despite the fact I find the premise overdone I think it will do well. Melissa George is a wonderful actress and Hollywood keeps pumping out medical dramas because America likes them…. ER, Grey’s Anatomy, The Night Shift to name a few.


Lucifer (Fox)

Things I Think: Well this is Fox’s latest attempt at a sexy sinful drama. While I will admit Tom Ellis is delicious that seems to be all the show has going for it. The obvious word play and jokes about good and evil make the show look like it’s trying too hard.

Things I Predict:  I don’t personally plan on watching this and don’t see audiences responding well to the mid-season series.

Angel From Hell (CBS)

Things I Think: While Maggie Lawson and Jane Lynch are definitely recognizable actresses and totally capable of heading a show the premise seems less CBS and more ABC circa the TGIF days. It looks funny to me and I could see myself enjoying it. The two seem to work well together.

Things I Predict: Once again my expectations for comedies are low. This duo may have been a winning pair but I worry the cheesy plot might turn off adult audiences. Could go either way.


Dr. Ken (ABC)

Things I Think:  I laughed a few times during this trailer.What I’m really excited about is Albert Tsai (Trophy Wife), this kids comedic timing is amazing! Dr. Ken not only has a great cast but classic formula with the home and work like balance similar to successful shows t like The Mary Tyler Moore Show,  George Lopez and The King of Queens .

Things I Predict: Ken Jeong has  a huge following between his work on Community and his role in the Hangover films, so I could see it being a hit.


Oil (ABC)

Things I Think: Excellent cast! It reminds me of the short-lived TNT Dallas remake. It looked interesting but doesn’t strike me as something I’d sit down and watch on a weekly basis.

Things I Predict: I don’t see it lasting, to be honest. Series like this tend to be more successful on a cable network with shorter seasons.


Which shows are you excited about? Which do you think you’ll avoid? Share below.

Also a very Happy Birthday to my editor M.L. Scarbrough! Love you lady!

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