2018 Review

My Year of Focus

This week it’s a mix of looking back and moving forward on Creatives Crushing Anxiety. I share the good, the bad and the ugly of 2018 and what I’m planning for 2019. It’s one of my favorite types of episodes it allows me to go behind the scenes, reflect and plan. I’m laying it all out there we aren’t just talking about wins but a few places where I dropped the ball.

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In this episode I dive into:

  • My 2018 word of the year and what it meant to me.
  • How I faired trying to work in the 90-day year format.
  • Goals I dropped.
  • Goals I crushed.
  • The networking game changer.
  • How batching worked out for me in 2018.
  • Why being specific was vital for getting my business off the ground.
  • Why I am set on consuming less.
  • My word of the year for 2019.
  • 10 Goals I have for the new year.
  • 3 Questions to ask yourself if you aren’t sure what you want in the new year.

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Now tell me:
What is your word of the year for 2019?
What was your word of the year in 2018?
What is something you are proud of in 2018?
What is something you overcame in 2018?
What is a big goal you have in the upcoming year?
How do you ring in the new year? Party all night, ball drop on the sofa or in bed before midnight?
How did you stay focused this year?