November 2016 Goals

November 2016 Goals

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It’s November which means three things food, family and Christmas music. As someone who spent 3 holiday seasons working in a department store I can officially say I have heard a lot of Christmas music in my life. I’m pretty happy about it to be honest, I  love it and finally, after 4 Christmases outside of that world I don’t have an angry tick with messy dressing room flashbacks when I hear it anymore. Plus who doesn’t love hearing Pennies from Heaven and the rest of the Elf Soundtrack?? So let’s take a look at October and see how I did!

October Goals

Personal Goals

  • Figure out if I’m moving apartments in December and if so find said apartment.

Well as fate would have it, I am in fact moving. I’m excited. I really love my current apartment I do. But besides my horrible upstairs neighbor, that I’ve been dealing with the past 10 months. The company that owned my beautiful rent control apartment sold and the new company decided to raise my rent. In the big picture, it was affordable but more than I was willing to spend to rent a 1 bedroom. I ended up signing a lease at the apartment I originally wanted to live in a year ago, that didn’t have any of the units I wanted then and will be saving $100 a month!

  • Clean car out. I tend to keep it pretty clean but I really want to detail the inside.

I did not detail my car. I have next Monday off and am hoping to do it, along with a lot of other things then.

  • I also want to find a body shop to fix the damage from the hail storms in the spring.

There is this saying, you might be familiar with it, Shit happens? Well, shit did happen and this wasn’t one of them. Another thing I might try to do on Monday. But at this point storm season is right around the corner and I don’t want to get it fixed only to have it hailed on again.

  • I have had a crazy year and really want to print some of the photos from this year for my home and office.

No. I did get some great photo booth shots at the wedding I went to at the start of the month to add to my collection. Maybe next month.

  • Have a safe and fun Halloween. Also, I’m curious what you guys are doing for Halloween, I have no idea what to be. Thinking of getting “A girl has no costume shirt.”

I ended up repurposing the dress I wore to the San Antonio Martini Ball earlier this year and went to my friend/coworker’s Halloween party as Black Betty Draper.

Blog and Freelance Goals

So if you are on my email list then you have heard I have decided to push back my course launch. I recently joined Mariah’s Coz’s course Launch Your Signature Course and seeing how available Mariah and her team have been to the course students I decided that I wouldn’t be able to do that over the holiday season.  I don’t want my first major launch to be a distraction from family time for myself or my students.

  • Finish the content for my “Start Here” page.

My start here page is up and running. I think it’s such a great way for people to see what the site is about. It’s more than just a bio it’s an introduction to my brand.

  • Do the two sponsored posts I have in the funnel.

Looking back if I’m being totally honest I’m not sure what I meant by this but I can say I feel pretty good about the work I’ve done. I have submitted to several guest posts to different blogs. Had one published on The Coffee Date, you can check it out here. I also will be publishing a post I strongly believe in on Thursday so keep an eye out.

I am at a standstill. Instead of focusing on my fan page, I am actually working on launching a group for my fellow side hustlers looking for balance but more on that later.

 2,621! I have been making some great friends on twitter lately! Super excited about this.

964! Man! I had a huge increase in September so maybe I reached a little too far but there is always next month.

 807! Thanks, BoardBooster and Buffer!

  • Create at least one new Resource for my Resource Library

Yes. Not only did I create a new upload for a previous post, I also publish an SEO checklist for bloggers and my first solo webinar is also available for replay.

  • Post at least 7 times this month

I published 7 posts exactly.

  • Publish 1 post on another site.

As I mentioned before I published a post on The Coffee Date, “How To Use Content on Different Social Channels” and Day in the life of a search specialist and side hustler in San Antonio, Texas on Mogul.

  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.


  • Crush the webinar I have coming up October 9th!

This was a horrifying experience until I went live and then it was a blast. I have two lined up for November I’m so excited about.

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 7,000 steps a day

Well according to my Garmin Vivo Fit  my monthly average daily steps was only 5,357. Missing 2 weeks worth of Zumba and was not good for the average. I had some really good days and some really physically lazy days where I was hitting the laptop hard.

  • Make meals at home 80% of the time or only eat out 4 times of the week.

In an effort to save money I got really good at this. I even got back into making green smoothies.

  • Go to a gym class at least 3 times a week.

No. I won’t get too much into it here but I was in a car accident at the start of the month and hurt my shoulder. I tried to go back a week later but was in too much pain after two days of Zumba. I took a week off and went back last week. Feeling a lot better.

I had a really productive and eventful month. Time to finish the year strong!

November Goals

Personal Goals

  • Get ready for the move.
  • Clean car out. I tend to keep it pretty clean but I really want to detail the inside.
  • Start Christmas shopping/budgeting.
  • Try to purge and donate things before the move

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Work on Launch Your Signature Course! So excited the next lessons are coming out tomorrow!
  • Finish working on
  • Get 20 members in my new Facebook Group
  • Have 500 Facebook page likes
  • Have 2700 Twitter Followers
  • Have 1000 Instagram Followers
  • Have 850 Pinterest Followers
  • Create at least one new Resource for my Resource Library
  • Post at least 7 times this month
  • Publish 1 post on another site.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.
  • Crush the webinars I have scheduled this month (details to come).
  • Have an awesome Twitter chat (details below).

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 7,000 steps a day
  • Make meals at home 80% of the time or only eat out 4 times of the week.
  • Go to a gym class at least 3 times a week.

Also all Tweeters, I am hosting a Twitter Chat tomorrow November 2nd at 8 pm CST and 9pm EST. Join in for a talk about the struggles we face as bloggers and side hustlers trying to balance full-time jobs and all the other aspects of life.#BalanceChat Sign up and I’ll send you a reminder.


So what are your goals this month? How did your October go? Did you do anything for Halloween? Any big Thanksgiving plans? Are you a Black Friday Shopper? Excited about anything this month? Tell me in the comments.



  1. Christine

    These are great goals. Sharing them always helps with motivation and accountability!!
    Stick to it, you can do it.

  2. Amanda @bephoenixfit

    I really like your goals. Some of them are giving me inspiration for goals I want to make for myself – social media followers, creating a photo book, getting my car detailed (lol)… I should make a list before I forget!

    I also updated some goals on my blog today, if you want to check it out! 🙂

  3. Kathy Brown

    It’s so great that you set monthly goals. This is a practice I should really adopt myself.

  4. Joscelyn

    Great list of goals! I really like how you created different goals, including health & fitness…good idea!

  5. Carol Cassara

    Well, I have to admit. YOu have reminded me to set my goals for the month. I really need to accomplish them, too.

  6. Kaley

    My main goal for this month is to start losing some serious weight before my wedding! I’ve been trying for a month with no results

  7. Dia

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I’m sure you will be a beautiful bride.

  8. Dia

    I just need to do a good vacuum lol

  9. Dia

    It’s all about balance.

  10. Dia

    I’ll check it out for sure!

  11. Dia

    Thanks Christine. Have a great month!

  12. Dia

    I really recommend it!

  13. Caroline

    Cleaning out the car monthly is something I need to get into the habit of…I volunteer at a dog shelter and we’ve been walking a Dalmatian…and now the interior is covered in white fur D:

  14. GiGi Eats

    THUMBS DOWN TO MOVING! I am avoiding it and putting it off so so so badly, but it’s inevitable. I mean, I have to live with my husband, right?! LOL! We get married Nov 12 and…… We probably won’t move in together until January or February of next year – LOL!

  15. Valerie

    It’s good to write it down. You have lots of good goals.

  16. Kari

    You’re doing fantastic! I’ve had clean out the car on my to-do list for about 4 years and I still haven’t done it…That sounds worse than it is. It’s just little pebbles on the ground from shoes to vacuum out. No trash or anything.

  17. Courtney

    Your new apartment sounds like a dream come true! It’s amazing that you had your eyes set on it from the very beginning and it’s less expensive!

    La Belle Sirene 

  18. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    These really are some awesome goals. I used to do a monthly income report with goals. I stopped doing that a year or so ago. I should get back to at least posting goals.

  19. Roxy

    Whooo, girl u had a busy (but productive) month! Great job on meeting so many of your goals. This month, I’m looking forward to my birthday, spending time with family over thanksgiving, and getting two (paid) days off from work!!

  20. Dia

    Haha I took off Monday I’m very excited. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  21. Dia

    That what mine is like, nature hopping in but not a mess.

  22. Dia

    Oh GiGi I can’t wait for your wedding post. That’s literally like super soon! Congrats!

  23. Dia

    Mine isn’t too messy. It’s just I want to get a full on detailed. I don’t have any pets.

  24. Dia

    It’s crazy how things work out. It may even be the same price as last year which is a good sign lol

  25. Dia

    Thanks Valerie.

  26. Dia

    Get back into it, it’s fun and keeps you on track. 🙂

  27. Meileilan

    Hi aria. Love all these personal goals of yours . Very inspiring. Keep it up! Xoxo

  28. Hannah

    I’m new to blogging and i”ve seen so many posts about setting goals for yourself and your blog. I think its time I hopped on this band wagon!!

  29. Jenine

    These are some great goals. Without clear goal setting like this I am not productive at all. Good luck with your course launch!

  30. Dia

    Thank you Jenine. i am the same way!

  31. Dia

    Thanks Meileilan!

  32. Dia

    Yes! I’ll be sure to check out your blog. Setting goals is a great way to avoid overwhelm in blogging.

  33. Stefanie

    wow these are awesome! Thanks for sharing and congrats on meeting most of your goals! I need to do something like this… I feel like I am always in such disarray with blog planning!


  34. Savannah

    Hey Dia!

    Writing out your goals is sooooo important, and something that I REALLY need to start doing. I see these monthly goals posts all the time, and just never find the drive to do them myself, haha. I think your goals for the month look REALLY great, and I hope you are able to meet them all. How wonderful that you were able to meet so many last month!! Crossing items off your too do list is oh-so satisfying. Thanks so much for sharing <3

  35. Rachel Ritlop

    A similar thing happened to my apartment last year! IT killed me! The apartment I landed in I am so over and can’t wait for my lease to end lol good luck with your goals this month! Exciting times! Sorry we couldn’t work something out for today. I don’t know if my partner ever emailed you, so I am going to try to double check that today…

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  36. Thirty30Courtney

    I’m cheering you on! I love reading the goals of others because it motivates me even more. I hope you are feeling better from your accident (I understand completely). Cheers to a fabulous November.

  37. Dia

    Thanks so much Courtney. It wasn’t fun but other than that the month wasn’t too bad. I hope you have a great month 🙂

  38. Dia

    Haha awe Rachel. I actually just emailed you a few hours ago. We will find another opportunity to work together.

  39. Dia

    Thanks for the heartfelt comment. I really recommend it. It helps keep me focused. I also set an alarm in Todoist to have me check my progress midmonth.

  40. Dia

    It really helps you lay things out and focus.

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