On experience…

Experience is the teacher of all things. 

-Julius Caesar

My Thoughts: Think back to a time when someone older than you tried to explain something to you. The best example is a parent telling a small child to stay away from a hot surface. You may point at it and constantly say, “Hot.” The child may even repeat the word, “hot?” But until they actually touch the hot surface to feel the heat and pain, they don’t understand why you try to keep them away from it.

The “Hot?” turns into “Hot!”

Maybe someone was describing how to drive a car. Trying to explain to you  how something felt like a hangover or a getting a shot. You may have felt like you understood or could relate to what they described but you didn’t fully comprehend until you actually experienced it yourself. (Remember your first wine hangover anyone? :/)

The things we experience make us who we are. They teach us about the world around us and how we respond to it. So get out there and experience life! There is so much to learn in the short amount of time we spend on this planet so take every chance.

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