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On female strength…

A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.
― Eleanor Roosevelt

My Thoughts:
I absolutely love this quote! Women are so often thought to be the weaker sex. The truth is women are incredibly strong. Emotionally, mentally and physically strong (Child birth…cramps… Hello). Our everyday default is to be kind, nurturing, charming and sweet. It’s not until things get hard people really get to see our real strength. When your family needs a hero, when your friend needs back up, when your lover needs support or when you need to protect yourself, you show what you’re really made of and what you are capable of.

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You’re born, you live your life and start developing habits and norms. One day your world is rocked and you show up. Being strong doesn’t mean you never breakdown, it just means you find a way to get back up. Not only do our hard times show the outside world how strong we are, they build that strength. It’s those moments where we have to protect our homes, our values and our rights that we build that shell.

So many things have happened in the world the past few years, even as I update this post in 2017 (it was originally published in April of 2015) things have really changed. Hurricane Harvey ravished parts my home state of Texas this weekend. I’m watching people come together and my friends there fight to maintain the lives they’ve built.
I’ve had things happened I wouldn’t have thought I would have survived until I had no choice. I’m proud to say, I’m one strong tea bag. 🙂

Be your own superhero
Be your own superhero

So now you tell me:

  • What do you think of the quote?
  • Have you ever experienced something you never thought you’d survive but did?
  • Who is the strongest woman you know? 
  • What’s your favorite kind of tea?

Updated: August 2017

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