On giving up…

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My Thoughts: Yesterday I got an email from Kyle Reed titled “You give up too easy.” It was his daily email sent to all of his subscribers but it really felt personal to me. It’s easy to get impatient and feel like what we want is taking forever. When you work so hard for something and don’t see any results it’s easy to just give up. No matter what your goal is, losing weight, writing a book, gaining blog followers, etc., you have to remember that you don’t turn on the sink and then the jug automatically fills to the brim, it takes time for the jug to fill up.
My advice (which I’m constantly reminding myself to listen to) is to just focus on setting small goals. Want to lose weight? Don’t focus on the whole 30 lbs just try to lose 5 at a time. Writing that book? Don’t give yourself 6 months to write the whole thing, create the goal of 5 pages a day. Cut yourself some slack and take small steps to reach your big goals. Remember, little by little becomes a lot.

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