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On imagination…

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.
― Albert Einstein

My Thoughts: For a self-proclaimed creative thinker, I can often be too logical for my own good. ( Admittedly, I can also have some cockamamie thoughts from time to time.)


Defined as: Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

Our logical mind tells us, “This will be the typical result. You probably aren’t special. Risks are risky” Logic is necessary. It’s what is stops us from crossing the street without looking both ways.


Defined as: The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.

Our imaginative mind tells us, “What if this was different? What if your idea is the one that changes everything? Big rewards come from big risks.” To quote SWV, “Free your mind and the rest will follow.” Imagination is necessary for thinking outside of the box and the norms. Imagination leads to new technologies, medical cures and overcoming happiness

How They Work Together

It takes both to make the world go round. That is why so many businesses’ with multiple founders have different personality types. You need an imaginative brain and a creative brain. Think of it like an art gallery. If you are a really great creative artist you might bring someone on the handle the business aspects of opening a gallery, so you can focus on your strength, the product.

They balance each other out. You may not consider scientists creative but they have to be to think past what has been done and discover new things.

You may not consider scientists creative but they have to be to think past what has been done and discover new things. Again they handle the creative while other people worry about the business side of things like organizing clinical trials.

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Which Am I?

I find that I balance both pretty well. I tend to have big dreams but I approach them from a logical mindset. I also notice that I tend to be the opposite of people when interacting. If a friend says, “There is no way I can be a fitness coach.” I might respond, “But what if you. I believe in you. Try.” While alternatively if the friend says, “I’m going to quit my day job and be a fitness coach!” I may remind them, ” You don’t have any certifications, no website and no clients. Why don’t you build that all up before losing your source of income?”

Now You Tell Me:

  • Are you more logical or imaginative? Or are you a balance of both?
  • Do you find yourself naturally surrounded by the type opposite to you?
  • What is something you value about the imaginative mind if you are more logical?
  • What is something you value about the logical mind if you are more imaginative?

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