On learning from others…

“A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone.”


My Thoughts: I hate when people think they are better than anyone else. You may have had different opportunities, you may have more money, you may be more educated but that doesn’t make you a better person. I have had the privilege of meeting all kinds of individuals in my life. I’ve met people from different countries. People with doctrinaires and people who didn’t finish high school. They have all left an impression and a lesson no matter how small. Some people will give you the gift of new knowledge changing your perception of the world, lessons on morals and values these people may be your parents, educators and close friends. Others will give you less apparent lessons. The stranger behind you who lets you know you dropped a $20, will unknowing teach you about pure humanity and kindness. That guy you went on a Tinder date who was so rude to the poor waiter on his first day, will teach you the kind of partner you don’t want and the type of impression you don’t want to leave. The truth is, lessons come in all shapes and sizes and our interactions with people who have different experiences is a gift.

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