On Opportunity…

We live in an amazing world. Technology continues to advance and knowledge continues grow. I was watching Wet Hot American Summer for the first time this weekend, in one scene the camp directors asks one of the camp councilors where she can find “a book on _____.” I remember thinking, “Why don’t you just google it,” and then having that… “google wasn’t a thing in the 1970s,” moment.You know, the moment you have when you watch anything post made pre-2000 where you mentally marvel at how far we’ve come.

I grew up during the days of the library and dial-up internet that you could only use during certain times of the day in case someone was expecting a call but even I forget about that stuff sometimes because so much has changed.

It used to be if you wanted to do something you didn’t have very many avenues for getting there. If you wanted to be a writer, you submitted your work to any company you could. If you wanted to be a comedian, you hit up every open mic night and amateur night you could find. If you wanted to be a singer, you uprooted yourself to places like Nashville, New York and California. Starting your own company or building your own product was limited to a select few with select funds.

Now if you want to be a writer you start a blog. If you want to be a comedian you start a YouTube Channel. If you want to be a singer you open a Sound Cloud account. Can’t finance your own start-up, you set up an account on Kickstarter. There are so many avenues to make the things you want happen.

Things are right at our finger tips, we literally carry access to the entire world with a device that fits into your pocket.

Some people get super lucky, they are born into opportunity and choose to seize it, other people stumble upon it and the rest of us we have to make our own sometimes. I find that so exciting, not only do you get to follow your dream but you get to create your own path to do so.

Opportunity doesn’t always stand in front of you waving a sign that says, “I’m opportunity, don’t pass me by!” Sometimes it’s just that little whisper in the corner. Maybe opportunity would knock if only there was a door!

Make things happen! Start today!

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