On passion and reason….

The passionate mind is a selfish. It’s so focused on what it desires reason becomes background noise.


My Thoughts: First of all if you aren’t watching iZombie on the CW get your life together and start because it’s a really good show. You can catch up on the first few episodes on CWTV.com*

Now about the quote, I consider myself a very passionate person. Sometimes it’s hard to stop thinking about my heart’s inclination and how to obtain it long enough to consider the costs. Finding something or someone you’re passionate about is amazing (and what I wish for all of you). When chasing that passion recognize how you go about it. Sometimes people don’t really realize what all, whatever it takes , can take. Follow your heart but do so with some logic. Recognize toxic situations and toxic people for what they are. Put into consideration the consequences for your actions.

As a bonus here is the trailer for iZombie:


*Update Season 1 and 2 of iZombi is now on Netflix. Season 3 is currently on the CW. (02/28/18)

I got Liv!

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