On problems…

“Sometimes a problem is just an opportunity in disguise”


My Thoughts: I have a habit of letting the bad consume me and allowing myself to get overwhelmed.  I am really trying to stop that. I love this quote because it really puts things into perspective. You can’t control the world, all you can do is trying to find the rainbow in the rain.

The best example of this happened to me last year. I never did the whole Spring Break thing in college. For me Spring Break was typically working overtime at Macy’s and watching too much T.V. Last year a group of my friends decided to go to the coast (Port Arkansas) for a 3 day weekend and rent a house on the beach as spring break trip. 2 days before we discovered the house we rented had been doubled booked and because the other groups reservation was longer than ours, they got the house. I was livid I had spent weeks so excited and ready to go on a much-needed vacation. I wasn’t just crushed, I was pissed off. I decided I had to get out-of-town. I texted my good friend Mark, who works for an airline and the very next day we were in beautiful San Diego. I spent 4 glorious days in what is now one of my favorite cities with one of my best friends, with free travel and free room (We stayed with our old boss who left Texas for California a few years ago). So I actually spent about the same amount to go to California (across the country) than going a few hours up the road!

Had I just mopped and bitched this wouldn’t have happened. Instead of letting a problem stop me I turned it into a better opportunity.

Has there ever been a problem that led you to a great opportunity?





*If this sounds recently familiar to you, you probably watch Devious Maids, on Lifetime. Marisol says it to Blanca’s character at the end of episode 3.2. I tried to google the original source but have just found references to the show and differently worded variations of it so I couldn’t determine the source

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