On sex without love….

“Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.”
―Hunter S. Thompson


My Thoughts:  I was having a drink with a friend who was telling me how she was nervous about her first date with a one night stand she’d had a few days before. I laughed and said “He’s been inside of you, the time to be nervous has passed.”

But later the conversation made me really think about how intimate sex is emotionally. We are more hesitant about having a deep conversation with someone and opening up our hearts then doing the most intimate physical act.   If you can enjoy casual consensual sex then and that’s what you want then do you (I don’t judge)!  As humans we are built to crave connects social, familiar, physical and emotional connections. But there is something about being connecting on a physical and emotional level. Why not have both if you can. Why settle for one with out the other. If a married couple told you they loved each other but didn’t have sex you’d find it strange, so why is it such a wild idea to only want to have sex if it’s with someone you love.

Not to get all after school special on you but if you want to wait then wait. Just because you’ve had sex before doesn’t automatically require you to have sex with everyone you date.

How do you feel about the connection between sex and love?

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