On women and ambition…


My Thoughts: I’m on a bit of on a feminist high right now since returning home from the blogher15, conference so this quote felt just right! I’m not man-bashing because Lord knows I love the gender (not some of their behavior but that’s a story for another time) but we need to realize that even if we are playing a boys game we are still women. We can play the same games they play but we also need to tap into our own tool box because we have some pretty powerful weapons that they don’t have.

During her keynote, Selma director and African-American activist, Ava DuVernay said something that I can’t get out of my head, “Do what the white men do.” She basically said that we need to realize the reason we see so many successful white men is because they go after what they want unapologetically and women need to do the same. We’re so busy apologizing for being ourselves, women often forget that we are just as capable of success as men are.

If we combine their tools with our tools we can be unstoppable!


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