How to pitch yourself as an online business owner.

Standing Out As An Online Business Owner With Rosemary Richings

This week I talk with Rosemary from Rosemary is a content writer, copy editor and content strategist. We discuss how she got into business, how she handles negative feedback and her tips for keeping yourself and your clients happy.

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In this episode:

  • How she went from a hobby blogger to a business.
  • How she overcame the fear of rejection in pitching herself.
  • Why she believes research, not templates is key to making connections.
  • We share the impersonal email greetings we get.
  • How her mom’s brick and mortar business made her better at online business.
  • How she came to terms with negative feedback.
  • Why it’s important to communicate with your clients.
  • How asking your clients for inspiration and references can help keep them impressed with your work.
  • How she views trolls.
  • Why you need to look for ways to be clearer.
  • How she keeps track of her client load.
  • How she keeps her momentum going.
  • How she mixes up her environment.
  • The quote from her great-grandmother that sticks with her.
  • Why you need to take care of yourself and listen to your body.

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[bctt tweet=”There are so many options online. You could throw a ball and hit a VA. But if you want to stand out but if you want to stand out as one you need to have a personality.” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Remind people there is a person behind the computer screen. – @rosiemay_r” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Trolls are a sign you’re doing something right. – @rosiemay_r” username=”Diadoll”]

You can find Rosemary here:

Copy WriterRosemary is a copywriter, editor, and content strategist for the web, based in her hometown of Toronto, Canada. However, she is also known for her love of travel, and will sometimes work far away from home.

She works with a combination of E-Commerce and retail business owners, eager to use their products to improve the lives of their community. Her work has been featured on sites such as Buffer and Search Engine Journal, and she has worked with clients such as Yellowpages Canada and E-Bay.

On an ongoing basis, she also produces content for her blog, Rosie Writing Space, and her podcast, People Behind the Business; both platforms are a source of guidance for independent business owners that need help with “putting themselves out there” without a large budget to work with.

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